Friday, May 11, 2012

Trashy Romance Novels

This is for you- you wonderfully, romantic, filthy books! Not sure where I would be without you...


Once again, a poem. No judgment please on how crappy my poems are. I don't plan on writing a book filled with my crappy poems. But I have a blast writing them!

When I was a little girl
I flipped through your dirty pages
digging for the pearl
that was misunderstood for ages.

As I grew much older
I started to create in my head
The perfect hero or soldier
That I would one day wed.

Your stories made me believe
that there was such a man
such a wonderful, romantic story you would weave
I was your biggest fan!

I've grown up since then
But I will always be yours
The Dukes, Earls and make-believe men,
I will always want to read more.

Oh, Trashy Romance Novel,
with your girl-smut galore,
I want to kneel down and grovel
for making me your whore.

A Historical or Modern romance,
really doesn't matter which I choose,
as long as there's even half a chance
of some hot writing for me to peruse.

I simply adore the steamy covers that you display,
naked men and half-dressed women all around
posing as lovers ready to play
Give promise of raunchiness abound.

Sometimes if I read when I'm at work,
the juicy parts can make me blush.
But, then again, this is a huge perk,
So I really try not to rush.

I like to share good books,
with all my wonderful, romance-loving friends,
We tend to get lots of interesting looks,
when others see the covers of what we lend.

But DO NOT judge me for this,
I have wonderful book taste,
These novels are mouthwatering bliss,
If someone didn't buy them, what a waste!

This poem is dedicated to my friends who are also lovers of some filthy, trashy, romance novels. Without you all, I wouldn't be reading half the crap I do. So thank you for introducing me to some of the best "filth" out there.

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