Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OCD- runs in the family?

My husband tells me I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at least once a week. I know that what I do isn't the most NORMAL, but I don't think I need help or anything. I'm just a little nuts.

Fortunately, I hid my crazy from him during our dating years and it didn't come out in full force until after we were married. By the time he discovered how nuts I actually was, he was totally stuck (and, poor thing, madly in love with me).

Apparently, there are some "abnormal" things that I do or have to do that make him say these things.

For example (and please note that there's nothing "wrong" with my behavior, I just happen to like order and routine. I'm not crazy...at least not officially.)
   1. In order to go to sleep at night I have to make sure the bathroom door is closed, the closet doors have to be closed and our bedroom door has to be closed (not completely shut, but enough to hear them click).

   2. Our blanket has stripes on it and has to be lined up perfectly before I can get tucked in. (As I write these, I'm starting to see the crazy...)

   3. In the morning, if I don't drink orange juice before I drink coffee (or my caffeine choice of the day) I get all weird and off. (Yes, I understand I'm not exactly sounding like the most sane person as I continue on.) Once the coffee is gone, I can't have more coffee, I need to drink something cold.

   4. Sometimes Evan will get up in the middle of the night to use our bathroom in our room (this still repeatedly freaks me out because he stands right next to me and waits for me to wake up, making me startle out of sleep and shriek out loud...) and because he's a boy, he will leave every door open. So I have to get up and shut the doors, just until they click. I've been known to repeat this several times in the night, and I don't even remember doing it (we can discuss sleepwalking at another point).

   5. When the kids are in car seats in the vehicles they each have assigned seats. Jalon likes to mess this up for me on purpose! (Don't play stupid...I totally know that YOU KNOW which side they are assigned. Don't force me to make labels.)

   6. Apparently, the fact that I CANNOT share my drinks with anyone, ever, is a problem. I don't see this as OCD. I see this as bacteria control. I won't even share with my kids. They are walking colds that even scientists are puzzled by. So not sharing my drink. (Can you blame me here? Have you seen people drink? Backwash city...if I want your saliva in my mouth, I'll ask for it. Otherwise, keep your disgusting spit in your mouth, please and thank you. And my kids constantly put very odd items in their mouths and since I would rather not end up in the hospital with some weird disease, I will be keeping my drinks secure.)

That's it. For me. I think these are small things. I do have my reasons for doing these things. But I'm pretty sure it's just going to make me look more nuts.

HA! Like I could actually look MORE crazy than I do right now. I have to have order. There's so much chaos in my normal, everyday world, that I like to control the things that I can control. It soothes me. It's comforting to have a routine and maybe I go a bit overboard, but it makes me feel better.
I think if I have a normal, good day, I don't get as bad. But if the day was rough and I'm overtired or overwhelmed, I tend to take comfort in the routine more than usual.

Jalon is nervous that I will pass this "issue" on to our children. Dude...have no fear. They already have it. Take comfort in knowing that it's probably not your fault.

Yes, he does this to all his toys. Then flips out when someone (Morgan) messes it up.


  1. The door thing is weird but otherwise I think you're ok!

  2. So I don't know that I would say your "CRAZY" I mean alot of people have their little idiosyncrasies, so to go ahead and join the "CRAZY" group I too have my little issues, I have to have all the bedroom doors drawn close to about two inches from being closed and if one of my three children happen to come into my room in the middle of the night I have them all trained to close the door back to where it was when they enter my room, if only I could train the dog to do that we would be golden....
    My little Sophia also has that knack to stand at my bedside and stare until you wake because you know someone is staring at you... way to creepy, really freaks my hubby out.
    As for sharing drinks, ummmmmmm "YUCK" I do NOT share with my children, and sadly I certainly do not share with my 7 year old, she does not swallow her food completely and tends to have food in her mouth long after it should be, gross..... and as a rule ummm yeah I do not like the sharing of colds, as much as I like to teach my children to share, they can soooooooooooooo keep that to themselves.
    My little Hailey is a lost cause for any order in her life, I thought she inherited my gene of craziness but it was very short lived.... Sophia however is sooooooooooooo my kiddo, she is very orderly, and very detail oriented, and she didn't even have to join the military to have it beat into her pretty little head. Oh and Tristin, the boy cracks me up, he too will line his vehicles up in a very particular order and will be very distrot if they are moved out of place by anyone to include me when I say it is time to clean up for the day..... So "CRAZY" you say, maybe not so much, maybe we are the normal ones and everyone else is off just a bit......

  3. People can be gross, and I don't have time to be sick. I'm completely on your side.


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