Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Again with the lists?

It's easier to fit all my info in this way. I like lists. And I just have a few small things for today.

I hate bugs. Seriously. Hate. Bugs.
This is a special thank you to my Dad for coming to my rescue today.
Gigantic Centipede in my house. I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing.
He was the size of my foot and moved so fast, I'm pretty he broke the sound barrier.
(This may be only slightly over dramatic. Stop rolling your eyes Jalon...he was big!)

I'm pretty sure I have the best husband in the world.
He lets me (maybe lets is not the best word...) put my freezing cold feet on his legs at night.
He buys me books. And I read....a lot. More than a Mom of 3 kids probably should.
He takes out the trash.
He gardens because I'm terrified of worms but love the food.
And, best of all, he loves me as I am.
This is a VERY sappy post...what is wrong with me?

Moving on...
I love that my 5-year old tries to turn every night into a party.
We end up having lots of parties for no reason at all.
Tonight, we are having a party to celebrate the fact that I bought his favorite side dish.
Suddenly Salad.
Yes...that is sad.
BUT, I do envy his ability to turn small things into the best things.
So, I decided to make a dessert.
That's how I like to celebrate.
If there's sugar involved...count me in!

I have a love/hate relationship with the beautiful weather we are having today.
Love-being outside, reading, watching the kids, riding bikes, taking walks and getting sun.
Hate- that I want to do all of the above, but instead, need to get housework done.

I have great friends and family that read this blog.
I'm not sure anyone else does, but that's OK.
I love that I have great friends and family.
I wish I could have people over more to celebrate that fact.
I wish I could get my house clean so I could have people over more.
I wish that bugs would stop interrupting my day so I could clean and have people over more...

The twins aren't napping as long as they used to anymore.
I'm going to miss this part of my day.
And the ability to get more done.
They tend to get upset when I have work to do.
They pull on my legs, scream, fight over my lap and try to keep me glued to the TV.
It usually works.

If you are driving your vehicle and start digging in your nose,
(as in knuckle-deep, probing your brain),
don't go looking all upset when I start pointing and laughing at you.
You are not invisible in your vehicle.
But that's really gross.
You should wash your hands.

One last tidbit...
If you are a customer in a store that allows you to sit comfortably in a chair for a little bit,
PLEASE (this is me, asking you nicely)
This is a store. Not your house.
Not sure how you were mistaken on that fact.
NO ONE... I really do mean NO ONE
wants to smell/see your disgusting, dry, knobby, scaly, raunchy bare ass feet
while they are shopping.
(And yes, you do have gross feet. Trust me. Unless you are a baby. Then feet are adorable.)
With their shoes on.
Like they should be in a store.
I can't believe I have to put this out there.


I LOVE comments...except bad ones. You can keep the bad ones. Or maybe disguise them as nice ones. I know people that are really good at that.