Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny Tidbits for Today

Reading from Glamour.com.
Read an article called "10 Things He's Thinking when You're Naked". from Kimberly Bonnell and Pamela Redmond Satran.
If it's my husband, I'm pretty sure that's down to just 1.
And I'm not going to type it out on here, because I'm pretty sure you can figure it out.
If there's naked around, there's not a whole lot of thinking to be found.
The #10 on the list was "Suck in my gut".
Really? That's what guys are thinking? I totally believe you!
And #9 was "focus on her eyes".
Dude. If she's naked, I really doubt she wants you to focus on her eyes.
That would make me so self-conscious. I get naked but all you can do is stare at my eyes?
I'm not going to go through the whole list...it's pretty strange. But funny.
Our trashcan hit my car yesterday morning.
I do mean what I said.
I never hit anything...except for a cart corral once.
The trashcan slid a little as I was headed up the driveway.
It then scraped along the side of my vehicle.
I think I can hear your eyes rolling Jalon.
Everything is OK. I looked.
Those white scratch marks will rub off, right?

Here's where it is going to get gross.
I was making a special treat for Evan and myself the other day.
It was ice cream cones. Our favorite.
He comes up to me and said, "This is the best mommy and just in time!"
I said, "Just in time for what?"
He said, "I had some HOT poop and this will cool it off!"
 Me: "Unless we're putting in somewhere other than your mouth, not sure that's the way it works."
In fact, I'm pretty sure adding dairy may not be our best idea. But what the hell.
What have you got to lose? Besides more poop.

My dear sweet husband clips my coupons for me while I run through deals.
I tell him every week to cut the ones I'll use.
Usually it's based on what you have seen me buy or something we would like to try.
While sorting through my coupons I noticed a unique one.
Not sure if he's hinting at something or just trying to be funny.
But I found a $5 off coupon for Bob Harper's Smart Weight Loss Pills.
I can't. Stop. Laughing.
Dinner for the week will be Tofu/Vegan with a dash of hate.
Then we will see how much fun we're having.
(I don't mean to offend those that choose this menu-but my husband will kill me if I changed his diet.)
(As another side-note, he clipped, not 1 coupon, but all 6. Just in case I want that many bottles.)

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