Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Severe Weather Rant...cranky much?

This is a stupid post. I'm sorry if you are reading this. But if I don't throw some stupid in there with the greatness that is my blog, people may think I'm not human.

Not sure why there are numbers. Apparently I like order. Which doesn't work in my house, so maybe that's why I put it in my blog.

1. I love Severe Weather. I can't really explain why without sounding like a complete psycho. People think I'm nuts because I want my house blown away. But I don't want my house blown away or anyone hurt (although there are these two trees in my yard....those could go). I would chase tornados if I could. Chase them all over the place. And probably get carsick all over the place. I don't travel well.

2. I love storms. When the sky starts turning into different shades of gray (this reminds me of a book title...), throw in some vomit green color, and get ready. Watching the warnings on tv, losing my satellite connection, running outside every 2 minutes to stare at the clouds (much like my children do when there's an airplane and I'm just as giddy) so I can watch them turn and spin into something that resembles a funnel cloud. Everything is so quiet, as if all the bugs are suspended in a blanket of humidity (never open your mouth, bug stew does not taste good). The grass and the trees look even more green when it gets this dark during the day. The air just about crackles with electricity and excitement for what's about to arrive. Some delightful storm stew is brewing! There's nothing quite like it!

3. As I'm writing this, Declan (2-year old) just got his head stuck in between the table and the couch. This is a huge distraction from the images I was working hard on painting with my words. This is why I can't actually get a book finished. Or started.

4. I'm starting to notice my ADD in my writing. Sorry if I'm distracting you as well. My husband gets annoyed at my ability to transfer from one topic to another without a transition to help him along. Maybe that's why I have issues writing...I need help.

5. We have had many threats this spring. And it's only May. So there are still more chances. BUT. This week there have been more promises of Severe Weather (I am capitalizing these because I am in love with the word and I can do what I want on my there.) We better get some of this weather. Not sure what I'm going to threaten, or who to threaten. I suck at this...maybe this is why my kids walk all over me.

6. In conclusion ( I feel like I'm writing a paper for highschool) I love Severe Weather, wish we had more of it, and I would threaten it but I don't know how. The end.

Please don't judge me based on this post alone.

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