Friday, November 30, 2012

Elf on the Prickly Shelf with his frozen bells.

After watching and reading The Polar Express yesterday, so I could drill it into their tiny little memories, Alfred brought a gift back with him from the frozen North Pole that went along with that story.

His prickly shelf happens to be the sleigh that's filled with all sorts of evergreen branches and pinecones. I didn't photograph him today, because that sleigh happens to reside on the dusty shelf that I captured on camera the other day. We don't need 2 pictures on the internets that show how filthy my house is.

What the package looked like before it was wrapped.

How it became "frozen".

There were 3 dollar store bells in there wrapped badly in ribbon.
Evan may have been the only one to appreciate all the tiny, frozen details.
The twins just keep playing with the idea I've ever had.
Give 2 hyper active toddlers bells.
You would think I would know better by now.
I need caffeine so bad I would probably do something disgraceful.
I need the strong stuff.
Mt. Dew isn't going to cut it today.



Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elf on the TV shelf

Alfred has returned from the North Pole again.

My daughter thinks he's a "baby" and she keeps trying to snuggle him. My 5 year old is having conniptions trying to keep her away so she doesn't ruin the "magic". Crap.

I'm going to have to find better (higher) hiding spots.

But, Evan has a blast looking for the elf every day. My kids and their happiness is the only reason I keep doing this. Not saying that they wouldn't be happy without it, but no matter how exhausted I am at the end of the day, I like to put forth just a tiny bit of extra effort to make their day.

I like that it's so easy to do right now. One day, hopefully far away from now, it won't be so easy.

One day, they won't be so quick to believe in our man-made-magic.

So, I'm going to enjoy these moments when they're young and hopefully give them lots of wonderful memories that will last them a lifetime.

I know some people aren't fans of the Elf or even fans of going all out. Does it matter what another Mom does? It shouldn't.

I've read some blogs (more than one), lots of things on Pinterest and Facebook about how the Elf is annoying and the Moms that go all out are annoying.

Seriously. Get over it. Let it go. To each their own.

There are so many critical viewpoints about one little Elf. If you haven't looked it up, try it. Some of it's funny...some of it is just plain judgemental and kind of mean.

Either way, we are going to keep doing what we do in our home, you go ahead and do the same in yours. I'm pretty sure that no matter what you decide to do, each child will grow up just fine and dandy.

Alfred decided to bring our family The Polar Express book.
We love the movie here, so it's nice to have the book version finally!
He's so nice.
What he is planning for tomorrow is related to this story.
Alfie is the nicest, creepy elf around.
I'm still getting ready for our RACK days.
Sounded super easy and fun when I first started planning. Now, I'm finding that there are tons of tiny details I looked over and have to keep running to the store to retrieve.
Last night, I ran to the dollar store for cookie trays. That way, when I donate a tray of treats to the fire department, I don't have to worry about going back for my tray (I have some nice ones, OK?). I worry about stupid stuff.
I still have yet to make the calendar that will hold our daily activities...or the cards to put in/on the calendar that state our daily activities.
I have today and tomorrow left. Think I'll finish?
I think, maybe not.
BUT, I did get most of my Christmas shopping accomplished. Not half-arsed this year like it has been in the past years. I've actually purchased stuff people will really like!
Go me.
Ok. That's all I have.
Elf time- Small rant on Mothers that rage on other Mothers- and Christmas stuff.
My life is full of excitement and fun.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the dusty shelf and a bonus, how to mess with your husband!

Alfred is fun. I'm having a blast.

Except for one thing.

I have a 5 year old with a MILLION questions.

"Why does the Elf do all those things?"

"Why do I have to find him?"

"How does he see me, if he can't even move?"

Yeah...the Elf was unprepared for all these questions. He was led to believe that a certain 5 year old would still believe in Christmas magic, without question.

Day 1, our Elf brought up a tiny tree and decorated it. Last night, he came back with cute little letters. I'm afraid that I've set the bar pretty high.

Which means I won't get a day to "slack off" and not have the elf do something cool that day.

Way to go me.

The Elf made tiny envelopes and wrote tiny letters.
The bastard even included tiny pieces of glitter that got everywhere.
Darn that Elf.

Isn't he cute, holding his pen?
I had a mailbox ornament that worked perfectly for this.
They loved their little letters!
If you dare comment on the fine layer of dust I've been accumulating for a month, I will come over there and wash your mouth out with soap.
I didn't notice it until after I took the photo.
My living room is pretty dark and hides the dust well.
It was late when I took this photo.
Far too late to be doing menial chores, like dusting.
Plus, the Elf had clean up duty after he made a mess with all the supplies.
While we're on the subject, please make a note of the following (if you plan on doing the Elf in your home and have slightly older, not so impressionable kids):
1. Find Elf supplies that ONLY Elf will use. Like paper. And glitter. My son had many questions when he found scraps that I forgot in the kitchen. Make yourself a little "Elf basket" and hide it. I'm now worried he will recognize the glitter and stickers. He thinks they came right from Santa's house...not my art bin on top of the fridge.
I'm learning as I go, so I'm sharing tiny tips. Maybe you're a good parent and would have thought ahead and made sure this didn't happen. Go you.
I, however, am not always prepared for my ideas and they take over without much planning.
On to messing with my husband. This is always fun, isn't it?
I think so. He's not a fan, but it didn't hurt him any, so where's the harm?
I have a nook tablet. It downloads apps, just like any other tablet device. I was looking for free apps today (because I'm a cheap ass) and found a text app. It gives you a random phone number and you can text with it. Well...that sounds weird AND fun. Right up my alley.
So, I went for it. I texted the one person I felt would respond. My husband. When I signed up, I put my full name in there, so I wasn't sure if that would show up or not, so I made my first approach kind of vague.
My first words were, "Hey ...hows it going? ;)"
I was trying to be flirty.
He wrote back, "Sorry. Who am I speaking with?"
I realized at this point that he had no idea who I was. 
Time to have a little fun.
"Someone who thinks you're incredibly sexy."
Nothing back.
Still nothing. What the heck.
"Ok. Just kidding, It's your wife. I found an app on my nook that lets me text."
That's when I receive a text on my cell phone.
"Is that really you texting me at another number from your nook?"
"Yes. Yes it is."
"Ok just checkin. Did I pass?"
He's so cute. This wasn't a test.
But he passed with flying colors.
Now I'm off to mess with more people. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Elf has arrived, covered in glitter and he brought disease..

Ok, maybe he didn't bring whatever my son came down with, the very next day, but I'll still blame him.

Our Elf is named Alfred.

He is, of course, creepy and stalker-like.

But I'm having a blast finding places for him and things for him to do.

Because we adopted our Elf from Barnes and Noble, and my son was present, I couldn't really keep it a secret. But I didn't want to start the Elf so early in November. So I had to create an idea that would "start" the magic in the Elf.
I drafted a letter from Santa Claus (letter head I found on Pinterest and of course I can't find where) and put in some glitter.
The letter is pretty basic, explains the reason for Christmas, the reason for the Elf and instructions to sprinkle the glitter on the Elf and he will have North Pole magic in him.
After cleaning glitter off of everything, our Elf was ready.

This morning, the kids woke up to find Alfred had set up a tiny Christmas tree in our kitchen.
This is in the corner on the bench of our kitchen table.
They were giddy.
Evan was less than thrilled, due to the high fever he is running.

The only "magic" Alfred brought to our home was the plague.
Doesn't he sit so nice?
Like I'm about to serve him tea.
This little guy is about to have some awesome adventures.
We are also ready for our RACK to start. Everything has been purchased, printed and prepared. Now that it's all ready, I'll come down with the plague and my husband will have to take over.
We decorated for Christmas. Except for the tree.
I think I may have convinced my husband to purchase a real tree this year rather than using our crusty, skimpy, old tree in the basement. Actually, it's not that bad, but I do prefer having a real one. Even if it's a tiny one. They smell so pretty.
Still working on that giveaway. Apparently, it's going to be a "Christmas" giveaway, because I'm that slow and lazy. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stress+ Panic+ spending money= ulcers and maybe a new diet plan.

Oh. My.

I just spent a butt load on my husband for Christmas.

My justification for spending so much?

I have FINALLY (after 9? years of marriage) found something he will actually LIKE.

Every year, I go hunting for the perfect gift for the man that's impossible to shop for.

Every single year, I fail miserably. Don't get me wrong, he would never tell me he hated a gift, but I know that they weren't gifts he had on his list.

Usually the gifts he has on his list are hard to find, hard to buy, hard to pick up alone or someone else has already purchased them.

Then I have to pull out a make-it-work moment and get some crap I found on sale at Kohls and a pair of pajama pants.

BUT not this year, folks!


The award for Gift of the Year goes to me. Winner winner chicken dinner.

We won't be eating in January, but he'll love this gift.

Spending such a large sum, makes me incredibly nervous though. I'm trying to breathe through this and knowing that he's going to love it does help...but wow. I'm sweating.

And knowing that I'm not done Christmas shopping yet...the shakes are starting to set in. I have plans and ideas written down but not a lot purchased yet.

Writing them down is one thing...actually purchasing them is what makes me nervous. I get buyers anxiety. ARG. I'm going to give my list to Jalon and send him out for the items. Maybe then I can breathe.

Because of all this anxiety, I don't sleep anymore. Nope. I sit in bed and think. I write lists in my head. Or come up with new ideas. Dinner ideas, what I need at the grocery store, a new idea that the Elf on the Shelf can do, a Christmas present for someone, RACK plans, or a date night idea.

Seriously. Get the big pan and give me a good whack.

I can't eat food. I'm queasy. My fingers are all swollen and tingly, add in some body aches at night and toss in a headache in the morning. What is wrong with me?

Oh's the holidays.

Eventually, I'll get into a routine and presents will be purchased and done. We won't go broke and life will move on. I just need to get past this part alive.

Speaking of shopping, guess who had a blast on Black Friday?

Yup, even had fun in line chatting up the people nearby while freezing our butts off in the snow.

Was it worth it?

Duh. I didn't see anyone get trampled, stabbed or even slightly hurt. I did get a toe stepped on, but I survived.

Everyone was super friendly, very quick and efficient. We were in and done in 45 mins. We went in, found what we needed, then wandered around for a bit. It was wonderful. Except when I grabbed the wrong thing and paid more than I wanted to. My bad.

What I did notice, that there were a couple rude people. My husband suggested an elbow or two, but I figured they just felt that their mission was more important than mine. I wasn't there to fight to the death over a Nintendo 3DS. I wanted the deal, but not enough to harm/get hurt for it. Target was set up so smoothly that it was a nice shopping experience. Go Target!

Thanksgiving was wonderful and filling. We had a great meal, yummy desserts and a few games. Even some snow that evening. On Friday I was able to decorate for Christmas and now I'm offically able to watch Christmas movies without getting teased for it.

On a final note, my 2 year old son decided to strip down to nothing and pee on his floor. Guess who's getting a new potty chair for Christmas? So not ready for potty training yet. Was hoping to wait until spring but I don't think we're going to be able to wait that long. Or I'll have to buy more carpet cleaner. I had to toss this in here because he just did it and I don't have anyone here to share it with. Lucky you!

That's about all I have for updates. Panic. Stress. Anxiety. All part of my world. No matter how hard I try to avoid it and say I'm fine, it sneaks up on me when I'm ready to sleep.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I finished the bread. Even had some slices for breakfast this morning...sooooo good. I'm going to put on sooooo much weight. I'm going to have to start running again in January.

I'm not going to lie and say December, because I know myself too well.

December is too full of events/cookies/candy/breads/appetizers to even consider exercising.

Plus it's cold.

Not that it's any warmer in January, but I know that I need to get my butt out there.

And with all the warm work out clothes I may get for Christmas this year, I'll be ready.

See all my excuses? Feel free to use them for yourself.

Ok, so Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

I'm super duper excited, because Thanksgiving = food, parade, pies and Black Friday.

"Gasp" "Did she say Black DARE she. All those employees missing out on their Thanksgiving just so you can spread greed and hate throughout the world in the form of cheap, crappy appliances that you MUST have at 8 p.m. Black Friday is an abomination."

Blah, blah, blah. Not getting into it. I hate debates. I'm no good at it. I keep arguing both sides as if they are both right.

Just kidding. I'm totally going to get into it apparently.

I've done Black Friday every year for awhile now. It's actually starting to make me a little angry though.

The fun was waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, shuffling your ass in line, coffee in hand and planning out what you were getting. Then having a nice big brunch after, comparing all our fun purchases.

Then 4 a.m. changed to midnight. Hmmm...I was less than thrilled, but still gave it a shot. Not too shabby since it turned into a date night for my husband and I. Plus, free granola bars.

Now Target is starting by opening at 8 p.m.? What the....?



I don't get it?

I want to still go, but seriously?

Thanks a lot $#%$^%E%@#$3

That's me swearing. I'm trying to quit. The twins don't talk, which is why we have therapy, but the second I swear, they repeat that crap for hours.

Yeah, I know. By going to these places, you think I'm supporting their horrible decision. Truth is, no matter how many people sign that darn petition, protest the stores, or argue about it on Facebook, people will still go. Including those that argued and signed the petitions in the first place.

People are posting videos on the fights that happen, trampling that occurs and other such incidents. Which seems weird. I've never witnessed that level of violence before. Must be that our Target store has nice people in it and not people crazed out of their minds with sugar and greed.

In fact, last year Target was so well set up and prepared, that we were in and back out in 15 mins with everything we went for. It was nice and smooth. Even polite. There are some very nice people that stand in the line that we chatted with.

You're probably asking, "What could she possibly need that badly?"

No clue. I have no idea. I never go for really big items, like TV's. How many TV's does a person need anyway?

Usually, it's a few toys and Target has cool deals on jammies that I can get for the kids for Christmas. Every year they get a set of jammies and that's the best deal on a set. I'm not sure why they cost so darn much for kids in the first place, but this is a good time to stock up. I also stock up on mittens (we loose them so often) DVD's that I've been wanting that will sell for $1. That's not a bad deal. I love when you get those TV series on DVD for $5 when normally they sell for $750. That may be a touch dramatic, but still, you get my point.

Sometimes I find a pair of boots at Kohls for 85% off that I can't resist. Merry Christmas to me.

Also, Black Friday stores offer package deals that don't come out normally. Those are always nice.

But really, it's just fun to go out and shop with my sister in the middle of the night because, really, how often would we get to do that?

I know. You may hate me for admitting this. I'm sorry.

But I would still like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I promise I won't judge you whether you go out for Black Friday, or stay in with your jammies on. It's not my place to judge others.

I plan on wearing my jammies while Black Friday shopping. Kind of a mixture between the two. Comfort and shopping.

I know there are people that do the online shopping...that's great! Online is still shopping and can be fun too. But it's fun when you find the LAST one on the shelf and you get to do that super happy dance because you know the person your picking it up for will be thrilled to open that gift!

Ok. I'm done.

You know what else drives me NUTS on Thanksgiving?

When people try to mess with the meal. Ooooh nothing pisses me off more than to eat something that is not normally supposed to be there.

What's SUPPOSED to be on the Thanksgiving table?

Let me inform you:
Maybe ham (if you have a husband that HATES turkey)
Mashed taters. With gravy (Please no inside turkey parts that were once in a bag shoved up its butt)
Sweet potatoes (if you're into that kind of thing)
Green Bean Casserole.
Stuffing. (Mine will be represented by Stouffers this year. Thank you boxed stuffing.)
Rolls (doesn't really matter as long as carbs are there.)
According to my son, the black olives, green olives and pickles in a dish need to be there.
And a tray of Povitica bread.
Also a can of jelly form cranberries. In the original can form. Not mushed up. Just sliced. Thank you.

I hate when I hunt online and everyone is making "variations" of this meal. I get it if you have new diet restrictions...that doesn't apply here. But I get this meal ONCE A YEAR. And I happen to love it, just the way it is. Quit trying to mess with it.

This whole post sounds a bit like a vent with some whining tossed in.


My wrists really do hurt.

I'm going to go now. I have to make some desserts for tomorrow.

What am I making?

Pumpkin pie. Very traditional.

Pumpkin cake roll with the cream cheese frosting filling. Soooo good.

And a chocolate cream pie. To die for. Seriously. I almost ate the whole thing last year.

Have a great Holiday! I'll probably be back Friday or Saturday. It's all going to depend on when I can move again after all the food I plan on consuming.

I know I was going to keep up with things I was Thankful for this year, but it's really everything. I am thankful for every single thing in life that God has chosen to bless us with. My wonderful family, our health, our home, our new church, food on our table...I could go on forever.

Ok. I need to get off of here. BYE!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is wrong with my daughter?

Sometimes she is so weird, it amazes me that she can function.

My daughter has a brand new game.

Oh, it's a fun one!

Only Mommy gets to participate in her new game. SO LUCKY!

How is this game played?

Let me tell you:

1. Sneak up behind Mommy with a stealthy silence that would make most serial killers jealous.

2. Make sure Mommy is somewhat distracted and slightly bent over.

3. Slam hand straight up into Mommy's girly bits and say "tickle-tickle" in a creepy little girl voice.

4. Giggle and run away when Mommy screams in shock.

5. Chase Mommy down, trying to "get her" again.

6. Repeat this action until Mommy puts you in a room alone and shuts the door.

Seriously. This game is played daily and she still manages to get me.

I wish I knew what made her decide that this was a good idea.

More weird games my daughter thinks is funny:

1. Try to bite Mommy's boob. (OUCH! 2 year old teeth HURT.)

2. Pinch Mommy's boob, in public. (HARD too! This girl is just plain wrong.)

3. Pull down Mommy's shirt, in public. ( people actually want to see that.)

4. Slam baby fist into Mommy's throat. All the time. (Because coughing and gagging is so attractive and funny.)

Wow. Want to borrow her sometime?

She needs a new friend. I'm not getting paid enough for this level of friendship.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Traditions

I love tradition.

Maybe it's because I love history and the idea that something has been handed down from generation to generation.

Not sure. But it drives my husband up the wall.

I like starting new traditions and following old ones.

This week, I'm going to make Povitica bread.

It's a sometimes difficult, mostly time consuming recipe that used to cause me panic. It's nerve-wracking the first time you make it, but once your past that point, it gets much easier.

There's no getting over how long it will take you to make this delicious bread and every single one of my family members makes it just a little different.

I've looked up some history on the bread, just because I'm curious about my history and no one feels the need to share with me, and it's so interesting!

I'll share a link, so I don't have to brief the people that just don't care:

Anyway, this bread can be a challenge. There are many steps you need to follow and if you've ever worked with yeast before, that in itself can be a challenge. You sit there and sweat while waiting for your bread dough to raise, not once, but twice.

You have to knead this giant hunk of dough for 10 mins. Unless your cool like my Mom and who uses her mixer. Talent I tell you. My mixer is not up for that challenge. It told me that last year after it almost shook itself right off the counter when I wasn't looking.

Then, after it rises, you have to roll that sticky, hard to work with dough, paper thin. Without getting any holes or tears. There are many things that could play a factor into this part. Your rolling pin, the table you have or your sad lack of arm muscles. I have found my marble rolling pin seems to work perfectly. Although, my lack of a normal table this year is throwing a wrench into my plans. I'll need to set up a special table just for the rolling out of dough. My husband will be thrilled with this idea.

After your dough is so thin that you can see through it, you add the mix. The special mix that's been cooking/cooling on the stove. The ground up walnuts (that took forever to grind down to nothing), the cinnamon and other fragrant ingredients that I don't plan on sharing just yet.

You smear this on gently. No rips. You have to spread this thinly, but not too thin. You want a good ratio of bread to mixture in each bite you take. Not enough mixture, the bread ends up really dry. Too much mixture, your bread bursts open in the oven ruining the look of the completed project.

Get it? I hope that was specific enough for you. I bet I would be great at writing recipes!

It smells so good. Nothing smells better than Povitica bread cooking in your oven. Nothing. Ever. No sugar cookie or cake can hold a candle to the smells of  what this bread can do for your house.

After hours of sweat and toil (maybe even tears, screams of frustration or a random call to your Mom and tell her to get over here so she can help you) you get to eat that first, warm slice, fresh out of the oven. That is your reward and nothing will ever taste as good as that first slice. Seriously. Unless you cover that slice with butter first.  Ahhh....heaven.

I'm actually drooling right now.

I usually only make this bread once a year. It makes 2 giant U-shaped loaves and I'll end up putting one whole loaf in the freezer for Christmas so I can have myself a little treat then.

It's just not the holidays without this bread.

After taking that first loaf out of the oven, Angels came down from heaven to sing Hallelujah because the smells were so great, they couldn't resist. Christmas officially started in my home when decorations put themselves up and snow started to fall outside. This bread could heal all Christmas woes that may be in your heart. Eat one slice and see your Christmas spirit come back fully.

This was my loaf from last year. This is one loaf, cut in half. The other one, we ate rather quickly.
Traditions are important.
At least in my opinion.
That's why I'm trying to start new ones and keep the old ones going strong.
There are 3 little ones that I plan on teaching this to someday.
And I hope they treasure it the same way I do.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Every single time I say "I'm never doing this again", I do.

Obviously I don't have much of a choice when it comes to grocery shopping, so I should probably stop saying it.

Disaster follows me everywhere.

In fact, I may be the reigning queen of disaster.

I should have little disaster minions following me around.

Oh, wait. That would probably be my kids.

I knew today was going to be an interesting day at the grocery store.

It's the weekend before a huge, foodie holiday, it's double coupon day and it's a Saturday.

But I needed to go, planned ahead and even had my Mom save the day by watching 2 of my 3 kids. I brought the easy one with me to the store.

I had caffeine already, a planned out list with coupons attached and tons of time...all the makings of a wonderful trip.


The grocery store was packed. As expected, so this didn't come as a shock. Just makes things a little more interesting. It's like Hunger Games, except add ham and rolls that are on sale. And remove the delicious men and toss in a full butt crack that I saw attached to a very hairy man. I will never be able to erase that image from my brain. I would like to donate a belt and some underwear to that cause, just so no one else has to have their eyeballs burned from their skull.

Surprisingly, I actually found everything I needed. Plus some.

So much SOME that I couldn't fit anymore inside the cart. At all. It was to the point where things fell out if I made a turn too sharp.

In fact, I had so much inside my cart, people felt the need to comment on how full it was.

3 times.

Thank you for your outside, completely welcome and honest observations. Without them, I wouldn't have figured out that I had a ton of food, that I must have a large family to feed, and that my daughter wouldn't have anywhere to sit soon.

I just laughed and then rolled my eyes and tried to find more room to cram that last item I needed in the cart. In my mind, I was shooting lasers at them with my eyes. Wish I had that superpower. Or the superpower that could give other people the cart with the annoying, wobbly wheel. Point one finger and BOOM, good luck steering that crap.

After checking out, I had to get all my food to the car. I barely fit all this food back inside the cart. I had to cram a few plastic bags, full of cans, underneath the cart since I was out of room. Who ever invented the bottom of the shopping cart, seriously needs to reevaluate this huge fail. The bottom is useless! No grabber to catch anything and it is at a downward slant. So you can clearly see that this was the best idea I've ever had to store my extra bags of food down there.

The parking lot at my grocery store, slopes slightly, almost as if your going downhill to your car. I parked so far away, I was in the last parking space in my row. While walking the 25 miles to my vehicle, my bags had slowly made their way down on the tip of the bottom, one fell off the end.

As I stopped to pick up my fallen bag, in the busiest parking lot in the upper midwest, it ripped open, spilling cans of cranberries and green beans all over. I couldn't ditch my cart, because it started to roll downhill (and I had a sweet little 2 year old sitting inside, laughing at me fetching food off the street...on second thought, maybe I should have ditched her), but I didn't want to lose the food I just spent a fortune/hours on shopping for.

So I had to take my cart around with me and fetch all my spilled food. I decided to carry the rest of the bags that were on the bottom, while pushing the cart. This wasn't difficult at all.

More comments on quantity of food happened and comments on how this would all fit inside my vehicle. Like stuffing 20 clowns inside a car built for 2.

Thanks in part to my master skills in solving puzzles and also for soft, squishy foods, I managed to squeeze it all in there. I should get paid for this.

I hate when your driving with a back seat full of food and you can hear it all shifting around, falling and crashing in the back. No matter how gently you drive and take those turns, this still happens. After that, you get home, open the back door and everything comes tumbling out. Including the precious milk you got for free thanks to an awesome coupon. (The milk is fine, thankfully.)

I keep saying that I'll never go back...but I know I'll eventually get hungry. I always do.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thursday

Hey there. Hi. How ya doin?


That's so nice of you to ask.

I'm doing peachy. Or close enough to peachy. If peaches we're filled with anxiety instead of a pit.

I'm stuffed full of anxiety.

Enough about that.

Move on to happier more random subjects.

I had a blog post for today, but I was bored halfway though writing it and tossed it.

That's what happens when anxiety is oozing out your pores.

Tip for today:
Dig through your husbands drawers.
For those of you thinking I mean underwear, get your head out of that gutter.
That's just gross.
I mean the kind he would store his undies in.
My husband apparently hides all sorts of treasures in there.
Including a real treasure box, filled with real money.
My husband is an undercover pirate.
I also found this:
Unopened tools from last Christmas!
I'm stealing those.
I need tools.
I'm not sure for what yet, but I'm sure I can invent a reason.
Better I find a reason than them sitting in a dresser for years.
Why was I digging through his drawers?
Can't remember.
Went looking for something and was completely sidetracked with a whole new adventure.
It's was the treasure chest that did me in.
I spent an hour playing pirates.
Morgan had a tea party today.
I forced her to, just for pictures.
She got into it for me,
but Ratatouille was on.
TV beats out Mommy time.
Unless you make the treats real next time.
Lesson learned.
TV is WAY MORE interesting than you and this boring tea party crap. 

FINE, I'll pour some pretend drinks if you just leave.

She wasn't paying any attention to me at all.
Or the fact that she was spilling pretend tea all over.
This is why we can't have nice things.

Forcing the Elephant to participate.
If she has to suffer, everyone has to suffer.
I was playing with my camera stand today and trying to figure out the timer.
Not too difficult when it's just me.
Now I'll have to try it when controlling 4 other people in the frame.
That should be fun.
But I did my own photo shoot.
I'm like a model.
Without all the bones you can see sticking out.
Bad light.

Lift the knees to cover the belly fluff.
Too bad I can't do that for my second chin.
Warning- next photo was an experiment with Fish-eye lens that I found out my camera had.
This apparently is not the best idea when taking pictures of people.
I need more practice with my camera.
It's all about practice.
But I'll show you the picture anyway.
Just so you can learn from my mistake.

No words.
Notice that I have bangs now.
Cool huh?
I'm hip.
That's all I have for you.
This may be as good as it gets.
Which is what I tell my husband every day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random sidetrip down memory lane.

My husband and I looked at videos and old pictures of our oldest son Evan, just for some fun, last night.

I had to post my favorites, just because it's a shock to me that he was actually that small.

It feels like a lifetime ago, even though it was less than 5 years ago.

But these videos still crack me up so I thought I would share them, just for fun.

The first one is Evan trying to shove Grandma out of the way so he can watch her make dinner. He was less than thrilled with her blocking his view of the food.

This one was Evan sampling a taste of the doggie toy. He probably ripped it right out of her mouth.
His face is priceless.
That's really all I have.
I'm trying to take it easy today, not feeling well.
Of course, the day I think I'm going to sneak a nap in is the same day both babies decide to boycott their nap time.
Some days this stay-at-home mom business sucks.
I'm going to go hide in my room and pretend I can't hear them playing in their rooms.
Wish me luck.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Can I say this without grossing you out?

I made Swedish Meatballs the other night.

It's delicious. It has lots of that yummy gravy that I use on top of egg noodles, because I can.

The only problem is that since it's a creamy gravy, that can sometimes cause gastrointestinal issues.

Such as flatulence. And other stuff.

After making and eating that dinner, I decided to take the family to Target to purchase winter supplies. It was 65 degrees out, but in Minnesota in November, that doesn't mean much. I knew Morgan was going to need a winter jacket sooner rather than later. Turns out it was good timing since the next day it was 30 degrees with sleet.

But since it was so warm out, it inspired us and we hit up the Dairy Queen before heading home. We always get it to go because eating in public with my 3 kids is like cleaning the toilet without gloves're just asking for something to go wrong.

I decided to take it slow, it was nice out and I was enjoying the ride, with the windows down for probably the last time.

Then my husband started panting. At least that's what it sounded like.

Jalon: "Can you drive any slower?"

Me: "Seriously? Are you in a hurry?"

Jalon: "I'm starting to get goosebumps. We need to get home soon."

Me: "Did you just fart in the car? That can't be a good sign."

Jalon: "I'm having some issues keeping my colon gravy in."

Me: "Did you say colon gravy? That's just wrong. Oh look at that...I just pulled up behind the slowest truck in the north. That's going to suck. Guess you'll just have to keep holding it in."

Jalon: "You need to get moving. Now."

Me: "Just keep your colon gravy off my leather seats and we'll be fine."

But I was cracking up and he actually let me put it on here so you can be as grossed out as I was.

That's the love of my life, right there.

On another less-disgusting note, my giveaway is coming up!

Hang in there! Should be by the end of this week.

I'm very excited.

It's almost like this is a "real" blog.

Not the kind that does the "good" giveaways. This won't be on the level of the Pioneer Woman- who does giveaways like mixers and cool gadgets. I don't have that kind of budget.

More like "guess what I found in my closet" or "I made this out of random bits I found and now it's yours to keep".

Are you excited yet?

You should be. I'm a great crafter.

Just you wait.

You will see this and want it for yourself.

I'm in love with it and may just keep it for myself.

Moving on.

We pray at dinner time every night. Evan and Declan help us remember by not eating until we pray. They are good kids. Morgan just heads right for her food without a second thought.

But during these prayers, Jalon and I have been having "prayer wars".

When I pray, I pray for the usual, our food, our health and our family. But I've been adding snow to my list recently. I've been praying for TONS of snow to make its way to our yard. LOTS AND LOTS of it!

Jalon has been praying for the snow to hold off as long as it can, maybe not happen at all.


But guess what?

I woke up this morning to some pretty heavy flurries.

Guess my prayers are being answered!

Or it's just November in Minnesota. Or a combination of both.

Still- I'm happy. =)

Have a good Monday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Netflix Zombie

Sorry about the lack of posting...again.

Turns out Netflix is addicting.

Oh, you didn't know that? That's where I've been all week. Don't worry, the laundry is done, family fed and dishes cleaned. But other than that, my face has been glued to Netflix.

You don't have Netflix? What year are you currently living in?

Just kidding...kind of.

Netflix is all around me. I have it on the Wii, my nook, my iPod, the computer and my cell phone. It smothers me with with silky, time-sucking, TV shows that I missed before on TV but now have the opportunity to catch. Then I try to find all the current episodes of the TV show (as long as it's still on), watch them online to catch up, then record the series on the TV, which drives my husband UP THE WALL.

So far, in the past 2 years, I've been sucked into the following:

- Bones. Netflix had ALL 6 seasons on there for my viewing pleasure. One whole month wasted.
- Veronica Mars- There were only 3 seasons. But I watched them twice.
- Glee. This was a great find. I was only 1 season behind and caught it in the summer, right before the new season started. Woo-hoo!
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not on anymore, but it's still good.
- Psych. Lost interest in this one after a bit.
- Mr. Bean. Shut up. This is a good show. He makes me laugh.
- Melissa and Joey. Seriously, no laughing allowed.
- Pretty Little Liars. I may not have the best taste in TV.
- The Walking Dead. Not too bad, just not what I like.
- That 70's Show. Because it's not on TV enough.

My most current addiction- Hart of Dixie. SO GOOD! I watched all 22 this week, plus the current episodes online. So I'm all caught up. Yup...I have a problem.

Looking back at my list, I realize that I probably have the second worst taste in TV. Except when compared to my husband. He's comes in first. I can't handle all the court shows he watches. Judge Judy is not that funny. And Cops.

If you don't have Netflix and you have nothing else to do, sign up! Your family will forever hate you, the bugs will finally invade your home and nothing will ever get accomplished again.

Happy Friday folks.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Merry Christmas! Wait...what?

Ok, it's not Christmas.

But it's so confusing...with all the Christmas commercials, decorations in the store, gigantic toy catalogues arriving at my door every day, my mind is in overload. I am having a hard time believing October is over and now we're skipping over November?

Poor November. Not much to it, besides Thanksgiving and Black Friday (which I celebrate fully). I have 4 Thanksgiving decorations. That's it. I LOVE Thanksgiving, but it's all about food and not so much the decorations.

So my house is slightly confused as well.

Too lazy to reach behind the TV to take these last few pieces down.

My 1 of 4 Thanksgiving decorations I bought at a garage sale a few months ago.

And a tiny bit of Christmas I just bought and wanted to see if it would work there.
And it did...perfectly.
After all that work, am I really going to take it down because it's not actually December yet?
Seriously? I'm too lazy to remove leftover Halloween decor.
Plus, I love it. I want to live in the tiny town.
I bought it at a dollar store.
Spent about $15.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE the dollar store?
Since we're on the subject of Christmas, the other day I brought Evan with me shopping at Barnes and Noble.
They had an ENTIRE WALL covered in boxes with the Elf on the Shelf.
My son, curious as he is, asked what it was for and what he is supposed to do.
I gave him a brief explanation- possibly using words like "creepy", "stalker", and "possessed toy".
He wasn't buying my story at all and for some reason, really, really wanted an Elf for our home.
I came home that night and discussed it with my husband. He reluctantly agreed. I believe he said, "As long as the creepy thing doesn't "actually" move, we're fine. Once it comes out of the box on it's own, I'm out of here."
So we bought our own creepy Elf on the Shelf, because I do what I can to make my kids happy. Plus, I have some serious plans for this little guy...have you been on Pinterest lately? It's hilarious. I can't wait to add my own. So be prepared- not only will you see us doing our 25 days of RACK, but now we're adding Elf on the Shelf crap too. I can't wait.

Apparently, my kids are pretty excited and NOT AT ALL creeped out by his face.
The expression he wears is perfect.
I adore it. Because I adore creepy toys.
It's the "I watch you sleep at night then pee in your juice and giggle silently when you drink it" face.
And you do not see all those candy wrappers on the table.
Halloween my friends. Hit our house hard. I've been tossing back M&M's like it's my job.
Evan woke up this morning and was asking about the Elf since he's supposed to "start" right after adopting him.'s November. And I really, really, really don't want to do 2 months of Elf positioning. So, I've devised a plan of deceit and trickery that will only work on a 5-year old that believes in the magic that revolves around Santa himself.
You can print out a letter online from Santa, that also includes adoption paperwork, from once you register your Elf.
I'm going to pop that in an envelope, with a baggie of "magic sprinkles" (glitter) and put it in the mail for Evan. I'm thinking it will arrive sometime after Thanksgiving is done. When it arrives it will say something like "sprinkle this stuff on your Elf to deliver the magic from Santa and then he will wake up?"
Ok, hopefully not that creepy, but you get the idea.
After that he will be ours...forever.
I told Evan that we had to let Santa know that we officially adopted one of his elves and we named him and that takes some time to come from the North Pole.
We finally named our Elf something that suited him. After tossing around suggestions, such as Happy, George, and Elf guy, we came up with Alfred.
Now I'm off to enjoy November before it slips away and somehow just turns into a longer December.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

It's getting to be that time of year. The holidays.

We start to stress, plan, prep, eat more food than we need and buy more than anyone ever needs. I used to spend more time shopping, writing out lists about every meal we would eat and cooking so many treats that we would end up throwing away. There were LONG Christmas lists filled with "I want", "I need" and "I have to have this". My son got to a point where he circled almost every single toy in the toy catalogue and would show everyone that would ask. It was stressful, exhausting and I never really got to enjoy the season or even having people over.

This year, we're changing it up. This is the year it will be different.

This year, we won't be spending $300 per kid on Christmas presents. Not sure I actually spent that much before, but I know it was close. It had to be. There were sooooo many presents under our tree just for the kids. Then they ripped open present after present without even seeing what was under the paper. Now, most of those toys are in the basement, waiting to be donated, or already thrown in the garbage.

So this year is going to be better. Not only with purchasing less, but doing more.

We have an Advent calendar thing that we fill with candy, pop open a door everyday and munch on whatever is inside. I'll still be doing that. Mostly because I just really love candy.

But I'm adding to it.

We are going to do RACK- Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.

I've seen the idea on many blogs/websites, but the main idea came from these 3:

I dare you to read these and not want to participate, even if it's on a smaller level.

I actually dare you to read all 3 and not have tears in your eyes...or maybe I'm just a very emotional person.

We are going to do 25 days of RACK. I did some research (called Google and these blogs) and found 25 ideas that really work within our budget.

*This is not in the order which we are doing them in* I have a few things, Calendar wise, I'll need to figure out first, but we will do be doing all of these. One blogger actually wrote tips on her blog, like calling ahead first, so you can meet more specific needs, and some people are not available on weekends.

1. Take treats to the Humane Society
2. Tape popcorn to the redbox to give others a "movie night"
3. Buy a book for the donation at Barnes and Noble.
4. Tape candy canes to the ATM machines
5. Tape quarters to vending/toy machines around town
6. Ring the Salvation Army Bell
7. Grocery shopping just to put food in the "Food for Families" box.
8. Pay past due library fees for (maybe) 5 people
9. Purchase and donate toys to the Toys 4 Tots.
10. Purge the kids bookshelves and donate to the library
11. Return carts to the store.
12. Donate toys/clothing to the women's shelter.
13. Bring in a tray of cookies to Evan's school office.
14. Take drawings/cards/flowers to 3 nursing home residents that need it most.
15. Take cards/treats to Police Officers
16. Take cards/treats to Firefighters
17. Gift/card to our mailman.
18. Card/treat to Evan's teacher
19. Card/treat for our Therapy ladies that come to help Morgan and Declan.
20. Pay for the person behind me at Starbucks.
21. Leave an extra big tip at the restaurant
22. Make treats for co-workers (since I don't have any, it will be for Jay's work)
23. Hand out balloons to kids at the grocery store.
24. Send cards to military members overseas.
25. Bring flowers to a hospital for someone that has no visitors and donate some crayons and coloring books for the waiting area.

Well, those are the 25 out of probably 45 I found. It was hard to narrow it down, but some I had to cut out just because of the cost.

If you need more ideas, I suggest just going to Pinterest and typing in Random Acts of Kindness. TONS of ideas/blogs will come up and guide you easily on your way!

Or you can buy a kit that will help you out. I've never seen anything like this before, but it seems like a great idea-maybe for an older kid?

It makes me realize that I should be doing this more often. I have some social anxiety, so I'm a little nervous about talking to people I don't know, but I'm going for it anyway.

I'm very excited. Can't you tell?! I cannot wait for December to get here! But, even before it gets here, this has made me more aware and I will be keeping my eyes open for opportunities to help people if I see one, between now and December.

We will also be doing Random Acts of Kindness cards to put along with each one of our gifts. The kids and I will read the card the night before (which will also have scripture on it so we can discuss what it means) and pray that we can help someone that needs it most. There are lots of cards on other blogs that they are sharing with everyone. There are so many creative bloggers out there!

I will do my best to photograph all our moments, but I don't want to get caught up trying to capture it on film. I would rather just be in the moment and enjoy it.
This time of year is going to change for us and hopefully mean much more than it has before.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Five for Friday


I love writing. It's great.
I feel like all the words I have a hard time saying, come out better when I write them.
 My head is a mess of stories and thoughts that I want to write down.
The problem, is that when I start, everything wants to come out at once and if I don't get it all down super fast, it disappears into the nothingness that is my brain.
One of the many reasons I created this blog, was to share random crap that my brain comes up with that has no place anywhere else in my life.
Hopefully one day I can refocus and get back to writing stories down again.
I seem to have lost my way with all that is going on.
It's November.
In Minnesota.
That usually means cold and possibly snow.
If you happen to live in this state and are pissed about the upcoming snow,
maybe it's time to rethink your living situation.
I can't even express how annoyed I am by the constant stream of:
"Seriously? Snow is coming? I HATE snow!"
Either learn to appreciate it or move.
I get that you can express whatever you want on Facebook.
Free speech and all that...
But I'm expressing my annoyance at how often I have to see it.
We had a fantastic winter last year, hardly any snow,
which makes those of us that love snow, very sad.
Bring on the snow...lots and lots of it.
Piss those people off.
I'm going to come up with a giveaway on my blog.
Everyone does it.
That's why.
I am not sure what I'm going to giveaway yet.
Maybe a kid?
Some old Halloween candy?
Or a Elmo Potty DVD?
I'll try to make it cool.
Either way, I'm guessing it will be between 2 people.
Because my blog is just not that popular.
Speaking of November, it's almost Thanksgiving.
There are lots of people doing 30 days of being Thankful.
I like it. So I'm going to jump aboard.
I have too much to be thankful for.
But I'll play along.
Nov. 1- Thankful that we are all finally getting healthy. October was the month of colds, coughs, snot filled noses, ear infections, croup, and antibiotics.
Nov. 2- I'm thankful that we have a roof over our heads and heat in our home. This house may not be as big as my husband wishes it was, but it's ours. We have a home. We have plenty of food. We have enough to give away. Sometimes it doesn't feel like things will stretch, but then they do. God works wonders in our home.
I'll try to keep up with this during November.
And now after mentioning that we have enough to donate,
I've been thinking of what to do for our RACK days in December.
I'm going to say again, please join us in this!
Whether on your own, or even traveling with us to do these.
I am really, really excited to get started on this!
I'll post what we are going to do and on what days,
if you want to follow us later this week.
But I also encourage you to create your own list.
We have limited funds, so mine will be on a smaller level.
Give what you feel comfortable giving.
I have been seeing RACK more and more in the past few weeks
so I really feel as if I'm on the right track in doing this.
Happy Friday Blog Friends!