Friday, November 2, 2012

Five for Friday


I love writing. It's great.
I feel like all the words I have a hard time saying, come out better when I write them.
 My head is a mess of stories and thoughts that I want to write down.
The problem, is that when I start, everything wants to come out at once and if I don't get it all down super fast, it disappears into the nothingness that is my brain.
One of the many reasons I created this blog, was to share random crap that my brain comes up with that has no place anywhere else in my life.
Hopefully one day I can refocus and get back to writing stories down again.
I seem to have lost my way with all that is going on.
It's November.
In Minnesota.
That usually means cold and possibly snow.
If you happen to live in this state and are pissed about the upcoming snow,
maybe it's time to rethink your living situation.
I can't even express how annoyed I am by the constant stream of:
"Seriously? Snow is coming? I HATE snow!"
Either learn to appreciate it or move.
I get that you can express whatever you want on Facebook.
Free speech and all that...
But I'm expressing my annoyance at how often I have to see it.
We had a fantastic winter last year, hardly any snow,
which makes those of us that love snow, very sad.
Bring on the snow...lots and lots of it.
Piss those people off.
I'm going to come up with a giveaway on my blog.
Everyone does it.
That's why.
I am not sure what I'm going to giveaway yet.
Maybe a kid?
Some old Halloween candy?
Or a Elmo Potty DVD?
I'll try to make it cool.
Either way, I'm guessing it will be between 2 people.
Because my blog is just not that popular.
Speaking of November, it's almost Thanksgiving.
There are lots of people doing 30 days of being Thankful.
I like it. So I'm going to jump aboard.
I have too much to be thankful for.
But I'll play along.
Nov. 1- Thankful that we are all finally getting healthy. October was the month of colds, coughs, snot filled noses, ear infections, croup, and antibiotics.
Nov. 2- I'm thankful that we have a roof over our heads and heat in our home. This house may not be as big as my husband wishes it was, but it's ours. We have a home. We have plenty of food. We have enough to give away. Sometimes it doesn't feel like things will stretch, but then they do. God works wonders in our home.
I'll try to keep up with this during November.
And now after mentioning that we have enough to donate,
I've been thinking of what to do for our RACK days in December.
I'm going to say again, please join us in this!
Whether on your own, or even traveling with us to do these.
I am really, really excited to get started on this!
I'll post what we are going to do and on what days,
if you want to follow us later this week.
But I also encourage you to create your own list.
We have limited funds, so mine will be on a smaller level.
Give what you feel comfortable giving.
I have been seeing RACK more and more in the past few weeks
so I really feel as if I'm on the right track in doing this.
Happy Friday Blog Friends!


  1. I'm pumped for your giveaway! Can you explain RACK though? I've never heard of it? (totally out of the loop.)

  2. I'm in. Also, you are putting words down. Always a good thing. :-)

  3. My bad!! RACK stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. I found a ton of bloggers that have done this in the past and I really want to participate this year! If you google RACK you will see that people have done SO MUCH and have come up with great ideas!


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