Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I finished the bread. Even had some slices for breakfast this morning...sooooo good. I'm going to put on sooooo much weight. I'm going to have to start running again in January.

I'm not going to lie and say December, because I know myself too well.

December is too full of events/cookies/candy/breads/appetizers to even consider exercising.

Plus it's cold.

Not that it's any warmer in January, but I know that I need to get my butt out there.

And with all the warm work out clothes I may get for Christmas this year, I'll be ready.

See all my excuses? Feel free to use them for yourself.

Ok, so Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

I'm super duper excited, because Thanksgiving = food, parade, pies and Black Friday.

"Gasp" "Did she say Black DARE she. All those employees missing out on their Thanksgiving just so you can spread greed and hate throughout the world in the form of cheap, crappy appliances that you MUST have at 8 p.m. Black Friday is an abomination."

Blah, blah, blah. Not getting into it. I hate debates. I'm no good at it. I keep arguing both sides as if they are both right.

Just kidding. I'm totally going to get into it apparently.

I've done Black Friday every year for awhile now. It's actually starting to make me a little angry though.

The fun was waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, shuffling your ass in line, coffee in hand and planning out what you were getting. Then having a nice big brunch after, comparing all our fun purchases.

Then 4 a.m. changed to midnight. Hmmm...I was less than thrilled, but still gave it a shot. Not too shabby since it turned into a date night for my husband and I. Plus, free granola bars.

Now Target is starting by opening at 8 p.m.? What the....?



I don't get it?

I want to still go, but seriously?

Thanks a lot $#%$^%E%@#$3

That's me swearing. I'm trying to quit. The twins don't talk, which is why we have therapy, but the second I swear, they repeat that crap for hours.

Yeah, I know. By going to these places, you think I'm supporting their horrible decision. Truth is, no matter how many people sign that darn petition, protest the stores, or argue about it on Facebook, people will still go. Including those that argued and signed the petitions in the first place.

People are posting videos on the fights that happen, trampling that occurs and other such incidents. Which seems weird. I've never witnessed that level of violence before. Must be that our Target store has nice people in it and not people crazed out of their minds with sugar and greed.

In fact, last year Target was so well set up and prepared, that we were in and back out in 15 mins with everything we went for. It was nice and smooth. Even polite. There are some very nice people that stand in the line that we chatted with.

You're probably asking, "What could she possibly need that badly?"

No clue. I have no idea. I never go for really big items, like TV's. How many TV's does a person need anyway?

Usually, it's a few toys and Target has cool deals on jammies that I can get for the kids for Christmas. Every year they get a set of jammies and that's the best deal on a set. I'm not sure why they cost so darn much for kids in the first place, but this is a good time to stock up. I also stock up on mittens (we loose them so often) DVD's that I've been wanting that will sell for $1. That's not a bad deal. I love when you get those TV series on DVD for $5 when normally they sell for $750. That may be a touch dramatic, but still, you get my point.

Sometimes I find a pair of boots at Kohls for 85% off that I can't resist. Merry Christmas to me.

Also, Black Friday stores offer package deals that don't come out normally. Those are always nice.

But really, it's just fun to go out and shop with my sister in the middle of the night because, really, how often would we get to do that?

I know. You may hate me for admitting this. I'm sorry.

But I would still like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I promise I won't judge you whether you go out for Black Friday, or stay in with your jammies on. It's not my place to judge others.

I plan on wearing my jammies while Black Friday shopping. Kind of a mixture between the two. Comfort and shopping.

I know there are people that do the online shopping...that's great! Online is still shopping and can be fun too. But it's fun when you find the LAST one on the shelf and you get to do that super happy dance because you know the person your picking it up for will be thrilled to open that gift!

Ok. I'm done.

You know what else drives me NUTS on Thanksgiving?

When people try to mess with the meal. Ooooh nothing pisses me off more than to eat something that is not normally supposed to be there.

What's SUPPOSED to be on the Thanksgiving table?

Let me inform you:
Maybe ham (if you have a husband that HATES turkey)
Mashed taters. With gravy (Please no inside turkey parts that were once in a bag shoved up its butt)
Sweet potatoes (if you're into that kind of thing)
Green Bean Casserole.
Stuffing. (Mine will be represented by Stouffers this year. Thank you boxed stuffing.)
Rolls (doesn't really matter as long as carbs are there.)
According to my son, the black olives, green olives and pickles in a dish need to be there.
And a tray of Povitica bread.
Also a can of jelly form cranberries. In the original can form. Not mushed up. Just sliced. Thank you.

I hate when I hunt online and everyone is making "variations" of this meal. I get it if you have new diet restrictions...that doesn't apply here. But I get this meal ONCE A YEAR. And I happen to love it, just the way it is. Quit trying to mess with it.

This whole post sounds a bit like a vent with some whining tossed in.


My wrists really do hurt.

I'm going to go now. I have to make some desserts for tomorrow.

What am I making?

Pumpkin pie. Very traditional.

Pumpkin cake roll with the cream cheese frosting filling. Soooo good.

And a chocolate cream pie. To die for. Seriously. I almost ate the whole thing last year.

Have a great Holiday! I'll probably be back Friday or Saturday. It's all going to depend on when I can move again after all the food I plan on consuming.

I know I was going to keep up with things I was Thankful for this year, but it's really everything. I am thankful for every single thing in life that God has chosen to bless us with. My wonderful family, our health, our home, our new church, food on our table...I could go on forever.

Ok. I need to get off of here. BYE!

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  1. Okay, I don't do black friday, but I'n not a hater. You do you. Good luck.
    But... if target could stop those super creepy ads with the "omg lets like go shopping for dvds 'cause those are door busters totally for sure" singers, that would about make my life. They scare me.

    Meanwhile, AMEN SISTER FRIEND ON THE THANKSGIVING MENU. I'm actually mad that we're going to the Mister's family turkey day. Because they add in all this weird Italian crap. Italians didn't make thanksgiving. I don't want lasagna. Where the hell is the stuffing.

    So we are having two thanksgivings, because I am sure as snot going to make all that yummy stuff when we get home to make up for the sides that mama Mister doesn't believe in. (cranberries in a can. AW YISS)


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