Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Elf has arrived, covered in glitter and he brought disease..

Ok, maybe he didn't bring whatever my son came down with, the very next day, but I'll still blame him.

Our Elf is named Alfred.

He is, of course, creepy and stalker-like.

But I'm having a blast finding places for him and things for him to do.

Because we adopted our Elf from Barnes and Noble, and my son was present, I couldn't really keep it a secret. But I didn't want to start the Elf so early in November. So I had to create an idea that would "start" the magic in the Elf.
I drafted a letter from Santa Claus (letter head I found on Pinterest and of course I can't find where) and put in some glitter.
The letter is pretty basic, explains the reason for Christmas, the reason for the Elf and instructions to sprinkle the glitter on the Elf and he will have North Pole magic in him.
After cleaning glitter off of everything, our Elf was ready.

This morning, the kids woke up to find Alfred had set up a tiny Christmas tree in our kitchen.
This is in the corner on the bench of our kitchen table.
They were giddy.
Evan was less than thrilled, due to the high fever he is running.

The only "magic" Alfred brought to our home was the plague.
Doesn't he sit so nice?
Like I'm about to serve him tea.
This little guy is about to have some awesome adventures.
We are also ready for our RACK to start. Everything has been purchased, printed and prepared. Now that it's all ready, I'll come down with the plague and my husband will have to take over.
We decorated for Christmas. Except for the tree.
I think I may have convinced my husband to purchase a real tree this year rather than using our crusty, skimpy, old tree in the basement. Actually, it's not that bad, but I do prefer having a real one. Even if it's a tiny one. They smell so pretty.
Still working on that giveaway. Apparently, it's going to be a "Christmas" giveaway, because I'm that slow and lazy. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck convincing the husband on the real tree business. It is such fun to pick out a real tree with the family - a tradition I miss. I guess it's nice having the mister's grandmother's tree with us, but the smell... it's definitely not pine. More moth balls and chain smoke.

    On the up-side, home depot is selling these sticks with ornament hangers that are made from pine oils. They're strong but I love the smell so much and it covers the old musty smell the actual tree gives off. I recommend if you can't get the real deal!

    1. I'm going to push this tree because I'm not dragging out the spider webby one from the basement. I agree, it is fun to pick out a different one every year.

      It won't last as a tradition, because he's not a fan of watering the thing, but it will still be nice to smell it for a bit.


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