Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is wrong with my daughter?

Sometimes she is so weird, it amazes me that she can function.

My daughter has a brand new game.

Oh, it's a fun one!

Only Mommy gets to participate in her new game. SO LUCKY!

How is this game played?

Let me tell you:

1. Sneak up behind Mommy with a stealthy silence that would make most serial killers jealous.

2. Make sure Mommy is somewhat distracted and slightly bent over.

3. Slam hand straight up into Mommy's girly bits and say "tickle-tickle" in a creepy little girl voice.

4. Giggle and run away when Mommy screams in shock.

5. Chase Mommy down, trying to "get her" again.

6. Repeat this action until Mommy puts you in a room alone and shuts the door.

Seriously. This game is played daily and she still manages to get me.

I wish I knew what made her decide that this was a good idea.

More weird games my daughter thinks is funny:

1. Try to bite Mommy's boob. (OUCH! 2 year old teeth HURT.)

2. Pinch Mommy's boob, in public. (HARD too! This girl is just plain wrong.)

3. Pull down Mommy's shirt, in public. (Yeah...like people actually want to see that.)

4. Slam baby fist into Mommy's throat. All the time. (Because coughing and gagging is so attractive and funny.)

Wow. Want to borrow her sometime?

She needs a new friend. I'm not getting paid enough for this level of friendship.


  1. Holy cow. I'm sorry but I laughed so so very hard at this.

    1. My husband finds it hilarious. I think she's out to get me.


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