Friday, November 9, 2012

Netflix Zombie

Sorry about the lack of posting...again.

Turns out Netflix is addicting.

Oh, you didn't know that? That's where I've been all week. Don't worry, the laundry is done, family fed and dishes cleaned. But other than that, my face has been glued to Netflix.

You don't have Netflix? What year are you currently living in?

Just kidding...kind of.

Netflix is all around me. I have it on the Wii, my nook, my iPod, the computer and my cell phone. It smothers me with with silky, time-sucking, TV shows that I missed before on TV but now have the opportunity to catch. Then I try to find all the current episodes of the TV show (as long as it's still on), watch them online to catch up, then record the series on the TV, which drives my husband UP THE WALL.

So far, in the past 2 years, I've been sucked into the following:

- Bones. Netflix had ALL 6 seasons on there for my viewing pleasure. One whole month wasted.
- Veronica Mars- There were only 3 seasons. But I watched them twice.
- Glee. This was a great find. I was only 1 season behind and caught it in the summer, right before the new season started. Woo-hoo!
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not on anymore, but it's still good.
- Psych. Lost interest in this one after a bit.
- Mr. Bean. Shut up. This is a good show. He makes me laugh.
- Melissa and Joey. Seriously, no laughing allowed.
- Pretty Little Liars. I may not have the best taste in TV.
- The Walking Dead. Not too bad, just not what I like.
- That 70's Show. Because it's not on TV enough.

My most current addiction- Hart of Dixie. SO GOOD! I watched all 22 this week, plus the current episodes online. So I'm all caught up. Yup...I have a problem.

Looking back at my list, I realize that I probably have the second worst taste in TV. Except when compared to my husband. He's comes in first. I can't handle all the court shows he watches. Judge Judy is not that funny. And Cops.

If you don't have Netflix and you have nothing else to do, sign up! Your family will forever hate you, the bugs will finally invade your home and nothing will ever get accomplished again.

Happy Friday folks.

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