Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Celebrating my Children- Evan

I'm late. I know...

It was a hectic day, trying to get ready to go. Laundry, packing, and after-school activities, I never had time to sit down and write an Evan post. Then we flew out to Arizona from Thurs-Mon. Woke up this morning to Evan deciding the stomach virus was a good way to welcome me home.

He always seems to know exactly what I need.

I do feel bad for the booger, but there are a million other ways I would prefer to be welcomed.

I have tons and tons of stuff to share from our vacation and planned on doing it all this week. But, with a sick child, my brain power and time is quite limited. Keeping it simple with the boy who happens to be on my mind today.

Here are a few things about my biggest boy:

He has the kindest heart I've ever encountered.
Evan tries to make friends with every single person he meets.
I've never heard an unkind word come out of his mouth.
I only hope that it survives, as others may not be as kind to him.
No matter how much practice you do, the boy cannot smile for planned photos.
Every single school picture looks a lot like this:
He is too skinny.
We cannot find pants to fit this kid.
He's too tall and his waist too small.
This is what happens when he moves around:

Evan has decided that when he grows up, he wants to be Daddy.
That's it.
I don't think he really knows what Daddy even does...
(I don't even know...as long as the paychecks keep coming, I don't really care.)
But, he knows it's something with airplanes.
So that's what he's obsessed with.
(This was at an airshow where the planes didn't even leave the ground. Stupid clouds...)
Evan takes care of his brother and sister.
And he makes sure that I also take care of them as well as he does.
Even today, when I had to drop them off at school and he was hanging out in the bathroom, his first concern was them, not the fact that he was being sick.
He was worried they wouldn't make it to their classroom on their own.
I'm assuming they did fine, since they made it home.
But his concern for them, melts my heart.

Not sure what my life would be without these three.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Celebrating my Children Week- Morgan

My sweet adorable girl.
With devious, diva insides.
Here are the 5 things you may not know about Morgan:
She's always up for a snuggle.
In fact, she will snuggle you to death.
No matter how much you sweat, she won't leave your side.
Which is unfortunate in those summer months.
But, I still let her snuggle me.
Until I pass out from Heat Stroke...
Look at that face!
Heat Stroke is worth it.
There are NO boundaries with Morgan.
What's yours is hers.
No matter what it is.
Just this morning, she came up to me, lifted my shirt and slapped my belly.
She giggles when it jiggles.
(I'm painting one heck of an image here, aren't I?)
The other day at Church, she came right up to me and slammed her face right into my butt crack.
Pretty sure the squeal I let out scared several people.
Then she thought it was hilarious and kept doing it.
Every inch is free game to her.
Makes for some very uncomfortable explanations when we're in public...

She believes in unicorns.
Unikitties (No idea what this is...but the picture she drew me looks a bit monstrous.)
She thinks that when she gets older, she get's to be a Princess.
Or a ballerina.
I tell her to go for it.

She's slower than crap at everything she does.
I know, that sounds totally mean.
But it's sooooo true.
She's the pokiest child I have.
Although, I guess when comparing to my other two (who are naturally spastic) she might just be normal?
I tell her to get her shoes on in the morning and she spends 5 minutes looking at them. Another 2 minutes, playing with the Velcro attachments. 5 more stomping them to make sure the lights still work. Then 10 minutes putting them on, because the first time, she put them on the wrong feet.
No matter what, she will ALWAYS put her shoes on the wrong feet the first time.

She will eat anything we give her.
She's the bravest kid I know when it comes to food.
She eats things I wouldn't even look at.
(Mostly seafood...because that's gross.)
Although, the second you serve her ANYTHING but peanut butter toast for lunch, she will throw a fit!
Don't mess with her lunch.
It's just not worth it.

(The kids turned on me. I was taking adorable pictures of their leaf fight with each other and then they switched tactics and attacked me.)
She's a lot like me.
And I love that about her.
We both enjoy reading, quiet time and sitting on our butts for long periods of time.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Celebrating My Children Week- Declan

This week is considered a short week here due to MEA weekend and Jalon and I are going out of town for a few days.

We were supposed to go to New Orleans for our 10 year anniversary last May, but had to postpone due to complications with Jalon. So when we rescheduled, instead of New Orleans, we chose Arizona...it better cool down a few notches before I get there. And I mean really cool down...not just to 90 degrees. I am very excited to go there and see my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, go shopping, eat good food and explore. Plus, spending time with my husband WITHOUT our children could be fun.

If you know me at all, you know that I'm experiencing some reservations about this whole "vacation" thing. We leave in 3 days and this is about when my panic sets in.

Here are my concerns:
- My husband is not a planner. He is a "let's just see what happens" kind of person. I'm a "let's reserve hotels now, so we at least have a guaranteed bed while were there" kind of person.
- I will miss my kids. Right now, I'm excited to take off without them. But I know what happens once I'm gone. I miss the crap out of them.
- Airplanes. I hate airplanes. Although, we are flying first class. Very excited for that.

Because of our trip, I only have 3 days this week to create posts, I decided to dedicate the 3 days to my 3 kids. Works out quite well. Plus, they give me such great ideas.

Today is all about Declan.

He's my special child. 1 in every 3 kids is always considered "special" (Not sure if an official study was done, but in my book, that's how it works.) In my family, it's my brother. (Love you Mike!)

Here are 5 things you may not know about my child:

1. He does not shop well. I took a quick trip to the grocery store and had him put stuff on the counter for me. He did so well that I gave him a high five. He then did this, "Mommy, can I give you a SUPER BIG high five?" "Sure." I thought. Why not? The grocery store was packed and he was behaving. I usually go along with his plans, just to keep him quiet as long as possible. I held out my hand for my SUPER BIG high five and that's when it happened. He slammed his hand straight into my lady cave. Hard. I could hear the quiet snorts of laughter from behind me. I didn't know how to react! He knew what he did wasn't right, but he just sat there, staring and waiting for my reaction. My Mom, who was with me and trying to hold back her own laughter, pulled him out of there before I did something really awful.

2. He tries so hard to be nice. It was my birthday last week. He came up to me halfway through the day and said, "Mommy, I think you need to shower." I said, "I just did. I even curled my hair..." Then he said, "Your hair looks crusty. Happy Birthday, Mommy!" Gee...thanks.

3. He really, truly, gets me. I made lunch for the kids and left them alone in the kitchen. (Side note: Never do this. Bad idea. Children are kind of naughty.) They were being obnoxious and loud, and I heard the word butt. (Butt, poop, pee, all words banned from this house right now. I just can't take it anymore.) I walk in there, with my "MOM" face on and instantly I hear Evan say "Uh-oh..." Then Declan shrivels up and starts saying on repeat, "You're beautiful, you're beautiful, you're beautiful..."

It worked. Forgot why I even went in there.

4. A "Good" day with Declan involves 3 or less moments spent in time-out. Also, If I don't have a sore throat by the end of the day from yelling, I call it a win.

5. He's my daredevil and gets himself into trouble on a daily basis. He was climbing the wall the other day at Papa Murphy's, while we were waiting for the pizza to be prepared, and some lady came by and said, "You should get down from there or you'll get hurt." I just looked at her and shrugged. She looked appalled and then left, shaking her head at my lack of parenting. He has more muscles and ability than I've ever seen in a child. Declan was born with a 6-pack and a concrete skull. It's a miracle that he's survived this long. I don't think that ledge will take him down. At least for long. I know my child quite well by now. That also includes knowing when to pick my battles with him. That was a battle that I clearly wasn't going to win and it seemed like such a small thing to pick at. Let it go, lady. Let it go.

Plus, I must be doing something right.

Friday, October 10, 2014

My "Great" Ideas are on Lockdown.

My birthday is over...=(


I had a great day and feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family to go out of their way to say something nice.

Although, there was a moment in there that may not have been so "great".

I had an idea. (I know...horrible start already.)

I should know better by now. Always talk about your idea before executing just in case. Because it may turn out that it's not such a great idea after all.

But it was my birthday and I just didn't care.

I decided to make a quick necklace.


Because I was digging around on Pinterest (stupid, stupid, stupid...) and found this:

Isn't it so pretty?
All I could think about was how we have a billion keys hanging on a hook in our basement, that were left here from the previous owner, just going to waste.
And I had a TON of leftover steampunk/gears and stuff that were also going to waste.
Why not combine the two and make something totally cool?
I had this small, tiny afterthought of "maybe I should call Jalon, just to be sure I can use one of these keys?" Then the bigger thought came through and said, "Don't bother him at work with this small tiny detail, just take a really old looking one and it will be fine."
Patting myself on the back for having such a great idea, I got right to work. (If you've been keeping up, there's no such thing as a great idea when it comes from my head...)
So I went into the basement and recognized a few keys, so I stayed away from those. I found this old dingy key chain that had GM written on it and the number '47. It had 3 keys and I grabbed one I thought would work the best. (In my head, it made sense. There was no GM in my driveway...right?)
I spray painted it gold/gold glitter and then glued on a bunch of really cool accessories.
It looks awesome.
I did good, right?
I thought so...
My dear husband came home and saw my new necklace and decided to ask a few questions.
(Suspicious much? I mean seriously? Do we have a few trust issues when it comes to my creations?)
Such as, "Where did you find the key?"
"I found an old one hanging on the basement."
He said, "It didn't have a white key ring that said '47, did it?"
"Why yes, actually, it did. Is that bad?"
At this point, he was a pale and a little sweaty. He went in, grabbed the keys and ran out to our "new" vehicle, which is apparently a GM from 1947. (Turns out GM=Chevy...duh. I did know that. Somewhere inside....deep, deep down inside.)
See? Pretty car.
He starts putting keys into different areas of the car to determine which one I have.
Apparently, in the middle of a great idea, I chose the door key.
So we can no longer unlock the doors. And no, there is not another key. (Who's bad planning was that? Can't blame me there...)
Although, after today, there might be several new ones made, just in case I get another great idea...
Now, I need to go pick off some beautiful d├ęcor and clean off a key so my husband doesn't sweat through his clothes. Pretty sure it will come clean...I'm just a little sad that I did all that work for nothing.
I did learn a nice lesson about having ideas.
It's just to stop having ideas. Period.
My sweet, dear, considerate husband did do this for me, just in case I felt creative again:
The ones on the left are the "mystery" keys.
 The ones on the right are the ones I should avoid.
If he did that a few days ago, we wouldn't be in this predicament now, would we?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday.

Today I get to turn 34 years old. That's right, I don't even care anymore. I'm getting old. It's the way of the world, might as well face the fact, and try to love it.

I'm so darn happy and thrilled. I LOVE birthdays!

I always start out by singing my favorite birthday song (to myself, of course...)


Then, I walk around, announcing to the household, that today is indeed my birthday and must be celebrated at once. The kids tend to stare at me in confusion, then ask if it's their birthday and if they get presents even though it's my birthday...although, Morgan did tell me she's going to buy me a unicorn. Score!

I go completely overboard, everything I do, must be exciting and fun. Basically, it's a Treat Myself kind of day. (For those that may not understand that reference, treat yourself and watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Seriously.)

I almost bought myself these adorable Batman footie pajamas. But, I decided to purchase this instead:


Every single Birthday wish, card, greeting and event, must be treasured. Even Google is going all out and celebrating my Birthday.

Thank you, Google. Thank you.

(I also, not so secretly anymore, walk around anticipating all sorts of "surprises" that loved ones planned that never actually happen...I disappoint myself every single year with this secret hope.)

I feel that every single birthday should be celebrated and treated as special.

HOWEVER....I married someone that does not believe the same. (Yes, Jalon, I'm looking at you.)

He feels we should only celebrate the "big" ones. 16, 21, 30 and 50? Seriously?

And by celebrate, he means that he might actually say "happy birthday" to that person on that day. (I do not fault him for this too much. I get that birthdays aren't a huge deal to every single person. It's ok. But, I really, really, really, like cake.)

By that reasoning, I won't get to celebrate another birthday until I'm 50. The more morbid part of me is saying, "What happens if we don't make it to 50? All those birthdays just end up being un-celebrated." It's so sad!

EVERY SINGLE YEAR is AMAZING! I want to celebrate each and every birthday like I may not get another one...because I might not. Let's be realistic, life happens. You can't treat it like it's always there. It's a gift and one that should be treasured.

I asked for a Doctor Who/Harry Potter themed birthday party. Friends, family, presents, lots of cake and candy. We could wear costumes, play games and fill up on gallons of sugar until we cry. Unfortunately for me, waiting for this event to become reality, will only lead to tears. And as much as I love spending birthdays in the bathroom, crying over nothing, I need to get over it.

So, on that note, I shall celebrate this birthday on my own. I'm making my own cake (Gluten-free Boston Cream Pie), I purchased ice cream (Gluten-free Chocolate) and I will even light candles (probably not 34 of them though...). Then, I plan on knitting in front of the TV with Halloween cartoons playing all night. I will probably do all of this wearing pj's too.

Partying takes an entirely different role when you have kids. But I'm still just as excited.

Now, I need to go do some fun birthday stuff....like laundry. This normally wouldn't happen on such a special day, but everyone is complaining about being out of clean clothes. Boo. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crazy Nights Under a Blood Moon

Yesterday, I posted about our crazy fairy circle and how I thought it was actually fairies and not just a mound of fungus. My husband, typically the reasonable sort, saw my post and decided to play along. Maybe it's because he's as crazy as I am...maybe he just loves me a lot.

(In case you missed yesterdays post: http://mycrazyfamilycircus.blogspot.com/2014/10/fairies-in-my-front-yard.html )

We waited until the kids went to bed, of course, and it had to be dark enough so our neighbors wouldn't see as well. We have some seriously nosy neighbors. I can only imagine what they were thinking...the neighbor across from us once thought I was a prostitute. Pretty sure I'm just encouraging him at this point.

(Just in case you didn't read that post and are seriously confused right now- here is what I'm talking about: http://mycrazyfamilycircus.blogspot.com/2013/08/whore-house-officially-open-for-business.html )

I'm waiting for Child Protective Services to arrive any moment and ask me some very strange questions.

It was totally worth it.

Here's the video from last night:


And on that note, we realized that there was going to be a blood moon early this morning.


Just in case you wanted to read a little about it. I will not even attempt to describe what happened. I'm just going to say it was pretty awesome.

Worth getting up at 5:15 a.m. awesome?


I guess....

I thought it was cool at the time, but right about now my body is telling me a nap would be a wonderful idea.

Here are some pictures that we managed to take of that moon:

Sorry. They are a bit blurry. Being too Early+ Freezing Butt Off= Shaking Woman Taking Photos.

I think they capture the redness that was there though, so I call it a win.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fairies in my Front Yard

We have fairies.

I'm about 98% sure. Jalon is about 100% sure...that I'm crazy.

Either way, we have something pretty neat going on in our front yard.

Yesterday, he was mowing the lawn and I noticed something a little different about our yard. There was a defined circle in the lawn, highlighted by darker green grass and a ring of mushrooms.

I called it a fairy circle. That resulted in a look that I defined as "is she serious? I married someone absolutely nutzo." from Jalon.

Here's what we saw:
Inside that darker green circle are mushrooms.
Weird, right?
I love folklore and when it involves fairies, even better!
I did some research and this is what I came up with: Either we are doomed or we're lucky.
Interesting, right?
There wasn't a whole lot of research supporting my awesome beliefs, (some people are so boring...),lucky for me, Wikipedia was there with tons of support.
A big part of folklore is that this is where fairies dance. They can use the mushrooms as their tables or even parasols. Pretty harmless, right?
Other beliefs are that this is a dangerous place and should be avoided. Destroying a fairy ring is unlucky and apparently it will just grow back. You're not supposed to enter the circle, it's a trap and you will never be allowed to leave. They will force you to dance for years and maybe even marry one of their own.
Halloween is one of the more dangerous days to play around with the fairy circle. The only "safe" way to investigate a fairy ring is to run around 9 times. This allows you to actually hear the fairies dancing and frolicking underground. It has to be done under a full moon, and the runner must travel in the direction of the sun or the fairies may be able to trap you.
Get on it, Jalon. I want to see what happens.
And I really want to film you running around in a circle outside, in our front yard, at night...Please?
Unfortunately for me, Jalon is the more reasonable one and will probably not do anything that I suggest. During my research, done on Wikipedia (duh), I noticed there was a tiny section that was mostly science related. He will probably believe that nonsense before testing out my theory...
Here's the "science" part from Wikipedia.org:
The mycelium of a fungus growing in the ground absorbs nutrients by secretion of enzymes from the tips of the hyphae (threads making up the mycelium).[2] This breaks down larger molecules in the soil into smaller molecules that are then absorbed through the walls of the hyphae near their growing tips.[2] The mycelium will move outward from the center, and when the nutrients in the center are exhausted, the center dies, thereby forming a living ring, from which the fairy ring arises.[2]
There are two theories regarding the process involved in creating fairy rings. One states that the fairy ring is begun by a spore from the sporocarpus. The underground presence of the fungus can also cause withering or varying colour or growth of the grass above. The second theory, which is presented in the investigations of Japanese scientists on the Tricholoma matsutake species, shows that fairy rings could be established by connecting neighbouring oval genets of these mushrooms. If they make an arc or a ring, they continuously grow about the centre of this object"

Basically, our lawn is being attacked by some sort of fungus that's pretty hard to remove.

Blah, blah, blah...seriously.

Which one is more fun?

Mine, of course. Fairies it is.