Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad Parenting...Learn from our examples.

My husband and I will always tell you how it really is around here.

We aren't the best parents in the world. We try our best, but sometimes, the chaos of this house takes over and we end up getting mixed in with all the crazy.

Here are two examples of how our parenting has taken a turn for the worse and how you can avoid falling in the same pit as us:

Don't Give In.
They are strong.
You are weak.
You are exhausted.
They will NEVER tire.
They will manipulate you.
You are stupid.
My husband removed the kids from the home the other day, so I could get some cleaning done without having them underfoot and making a mess behind me.
Plus, I was cranky and some time alone was needed.
I was sweeping through every room, trying to get the entire first floor tidy. It took me about 2 hours.
Normally, I just do the main parts of the house and let them do their own bedrooms.
But I was on a roll, finished a little early and just took care of their rooms while they were gone.
What I didn't know, was that my husband was prepping the kids to come home to clean their own rooms.
When Evan arrived home, he started crying.
Because he "knew" that I was going to clean his room and didn't want to come home.
Apparently, "Mommy always cleans our room when we don't."
I suck at this.
So now, no more cleaning their rooms.
You think this would be easy...but it gets sooo messy, that I eventually can't take it anymore!
I need to let it go and let them learn how to do it alone.
Don't Swear.
You think this would be common sense.
But we're still human and always learning...
Here's why I suggest not swearing:
This is Jalon's fault.
I won't take the blame on this one.
I'm pretty good when it comes to no swearing.
He sucks at it.
I really hope that Declan doesn't say this at school.
That won't be fun to explain.
So, as you can see, we both have our own faults as parents.
We aren't shamed to admit it, even though we probably should be.
I did happen to find the video hilarious.
That's really why I recorded it.
Can't tell my kids that yet.
One day, they can find it hilarious too.

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  1. Perfect parents would be too Stepford, and perfectly raised kids would be too unrelatable to the masses to ever find friends. So you're doing it right.
    I'm honestly really impressed that your child was upset he didn't get to clean his own room. But why is that bad? It's a consequence really, if he's not going to clean his room, you'll do it, and if that upsets him maybe it will motivate him?


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