Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Merry Christmas! Wait...what?

Ok, it's not Christmas.

But it's so confusing...with all the Christmas commercials, decorations in the store, gigantic toy catalogues arriving at my door every day, my mind is in overload. I am having a hard time believing October is over and now we're skipping over November?

Poor November. Not much to it, besides Thanksgiving and Black Friday (which I celebrate fully). I have 4 Thanksgiving decorations. That's it. I LOVE Thanksgiving, but it's all about food and not so much the decorations.

So my house is slightly confused as well.

Too lazy to reach behind the TV to take these last few pieces down.

My 1 of 4 Thanksgiving decorations I bought at a garage sale a few months ago.

And a tiny bit of Christmas I just bought and wanted to see if it would work there.
And it did...perfectly.
After all that work, am I really going to take it down because it's not actually December yet?
Seriously? I'm too lazy to remove leftover Halloween decor.
Plus, I love it. I want to live in the tiny town.
I bought it at a dollar store.
Spent about $15.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE the dollar store?
Since we're on the subject of Christmas, the other day I brought Evan with me shopping at Barnes and Noble.
They had an ENTIRE WALL covered in boxes with the Elf on the Shelf.
My son, curious as he is, asked what it was for and what he is supposed to do.
I gave him a brief explanation- possibly using words like "creepy", "stalker", and "possessed toy".
He wasn't buying my story at all and for some reason, really, really wanted an Elf for our home.
I came home that night and discussed it with my husband. He reluctantly agreed. I believe he said, "As long as the creepy thing doesn't "actually" move, we're fine. Once it comes out of the box on it's own, I'm out of here."
So we bought our own creepy Elf on the Shelf, because I do what I can to make my kids happy. Plus, I have some serious plans for this little guy...have you been on Pinterest lately? It's hilarious. I can't wait to add my own. So be prepared- not only will you see us doing our 25 days of RACK, but now we're adding Elf on the Shelf crap too. I can't wait.

Apparently, my kids are pretty excited and NOT AT ALL creeped out by his face.
The expression he wears is perfect.
I adore it. Because I adore creepy toys.
It's the "I watch you sleep at night then pee in your juice and giggle silently when you drink it" face.
And you do not see all those candy wrappers on the table.
Halloween my friends. Hit our house hard. I've been tossing back M&M's like it's my job.
Evan woke up this morning and was asking about the Elf since he's supposed to "start" right after adopting him. Well...it's November. And I really, really, really don't want to do 2 months of Elf positioning. So, I've devised a plan of deceit and trickery that will only work on a 5-year old that believes in the magic that revolves around Santa himself.
You can print out a letter online from Santa, that also includes adoption paperwork, from elfonashelf.com once you register your Elf.
I'm going to pop that in an envelope, with a baggie of "magic sprinkles" (glitter) and put it in the mail for Evan. I'm thinking it will arrive sometime after Thanksgiving is done. When it arrives it will say something like "sprinkle this stuff on your Elf to deliver the magic from Santa and then he will wake up?"
Ok, hopefully not that creepy, but you get the idea.
After that he will be ours...forever.
I told Evan that we had to let Santa know that we officially adopted one of his elves and we named him and that takes some time to come from the North Pole.
We finally named our Elf something that suited him. After tossing around suggestions, such as Happy, George, and Elf guy, we came up with Alfred.
Now I'm off to enjoy November before it slips away and somehow just turns into a longer December.

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