Friday, November 30, 2012

Elf on the Prickly Shelf with his frozen bells.

After watching and reading The Polar Express yesterday, so I could drill it into their tiny little memories, Alfred brought a gift back with him from the frozen North Pole that went along with that story.

His prickly shelf happens to be the sleigh that's filled with all sorts of evergreen branches and pinecones. I didn't photograph him today, because that sleigh happens to reside on the dusty shelf that I captured on camera the other day. We don't need 2 pictures on the internets that show how filthy my house is.

What the package looked like before it was wrapped.

How it became "frozen".

There were 3 dollar store bells in there wrapped badly in ribbon.
Evan may have been the only one to appreciate all the tiny, frozen details.
The twins just keep playing with the idea I've ever had.
Give 2 hyper active toddlers bells.
You would think I would know better by now.
I need caffeine so bad I would probably do something disgraceful.
I need the strong stuff.
Mt. Dew isn't going to cut it today.




  1. I heart jingle bells! They're literally everywhere in my house right now. I even put them on the dog even though it drives the Mister nuts with all the jingling around.

    1. The kids tried to eat them today so I had to remove them. I was cursed with kids that will eat anything/everything, except for the food I make.


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