Saturday, December 1, 2012

RACK- Day 1 and Elf on the Window Hanging Shelf...whatever.

First off, here's Alfred's latest devious deed:

Wow. Alfred went snowflake crazy.
This must have taken quite a few coffee filters. 
It's a good thing I have a Keurig, Alfred, or I would have kicked some serious butt.

Just hanging around...must have gotten tangled up after putting up all those snowflakes.

A special thank you goes out to my husband, who just happens to be very handy with a pair of scissors.
RACK officially starts today for us.
If you don't know what RACK is, please review my posting regarding these activities.
Today we brought cat and dog treats to the humane society and visited all the animals there.
It was very hard to leave without some kittens.
Seriously. Hard. To. Leave.
My husband had to drag me out with a forklift.
3 of them.
Soft, fluffy, brand new kittens.
Sweet, cuddly, wanting a new home full of love, kittens.
I'm trying not to run back there now and buy myself an early Christmas present.
I'm pretty sure that would be the end of my world.
Which husband may love me for all my quirkiness, but a kitten would send him running for the hills.
Weird huh?
I agree.
Here's our treats, with one of the cards my husband printed out.
I borrowed the card from here:
She includes tons of other downloads you can use to go along with this.
Very handy to have!
Her website is so nice too.
Now, time to watch some Christmas movies on Netflix.
Looks so cozy, doesn't it? is.


  1. Cute elf idea! and keurig. i'm jealous.

    1. Not sure how I ever lived without mine...pretty sure it's the quickest way to get coffee grounds into my bloodstream.


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