Saturday, December 15, 2012

RACK #14 &15 and Elf on the Mirror Shelf

Arg...Christmas is almost here.

I'm excited for it and have had a wonderful season so far, but the quicker it comes, the quicker it's done. After Christmas, it's just boring, old winter. Sad.

I've been busy, so I'm sorry I'm not updating as much as I want to.

There are a few items I'm "prepping" for in regards to the Elf. It's taking me some time. Much longer than I originally anticipated. Mostly because once I get started on a project, I get more and more ideas on what I could do, then the project grows into something so large that I'm overwhelmed by it. But it's awesome! Just you wait...

Here's some preparation "teaser" pics for you:

This was much harder to create than I thought it was going to be. It's so tiny! 
Here was Alfred last night:

Naughty Elf.
He's trouble.
RACK Day 14: Was a special gift for our mail guy.
He's very nice to Evan, since Evan runs him down for the mail every day and spends a few minutes chatting his ear off, we thought he earned a treat.

I ripped this apart and shoved it into a small box.
I know, not the manliest gift out there, but we work with what we have.

Here's the picture.
After the mailman took this, I wondered if maybe giving him a random box was the BEST idea ever.
Maybe he had to get the bomb squad out before he would open it.
At least I didn't buy him a new clock.
Today, he brought us a thank you card!

During our RACK, we aren't out doing this for the "Thank yous",
but they sure are appreciated!
And now I know our mailman has a name, so I can officially stalk him.
RACK Day 15:
Harriet Tubman donation day.
Walked into the church building that was holding a donation drop off.
Thought it would be easy to do this donation, but there wasn't a person to be found.
There was one tiny note that told me to bring donations to their Plaza.
So I did and left it, hoping that someone would see it.
This is a picture of what we donated.
They were looking for all sorts of items, very easy to find what they needed.
I better get my butt moving.
This Top Secret Elf project is seriously taking up some time.
But it's the most fun I've had in a long time working on something.
I just hope that it turns out how I hope.
Wish me luck!
Anyone else working on a Top Secret Christmas/Holiday project for someone?
Maybe it's just me, but I always come up with ideas 5 days before Christmas arrives,
then I'm up until midnight, every night, stress and sweat dripping down my face, trying to finish in time.

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