Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RACK day 12 and Elf on the Forgetful Shelf

RACK day 12 was to purge our bookshelves and donate books we no longer read.

I didn't have as many, because most books I invest in, I tend to read over and over again.

I found about 8 books off my shelf. My mother-in-law came with us and she had a pretty big box full of donations.

The kids had a bunch that they no longer read and weren't ripped apart or colored on. We gave them quite a bit. I may have to make this a habit to keep our shelves clear.

This one was quick and easy- Thank goodness!

Alfred has been a busy little Elf lately.

I missed posting about one night, so I'll just show you the photo.

I missed posting because I forgot about him.
Until 2:30 a.m. when I woke up in a panic, ran out into the living room and pulled this out of nowhere.
Evan woke up and said, "Ouch! That one has to hurt. Wonder what he was trying to do?"
Trying not to ruin Christmas, that's what.

Last night, I put a little more effort into it and attempted this.
I tried to get him to climb the firetruck, but there's no way he would have stayed there all day.
The kids love that firetruck.
Last night, Evan, my Mom and I, all went to the Holiday Train.
We stood outside in 10 degree weather, freezing our butts off, to watch a highly decorated train come to our town. It has a band inside. They play music and we had some free hot chocolate.
That's about it.
See? So pretty...

And so very cold.
But they were giving out free glow sticks.
Evan didn't care what happened after he received a glow stick.
Life was good.
After this, we went to Kohl's to get my son boots that actually fit his feet (his are too small I guess, after hearing him complain the entire night).
The registers weren't busy, but the two that were opened had annoying customers that we're being "finicky".
The cashier didn't seem too stressed out, but I was feeling bad for her and was trying to be on my best behavior and remain patient.
After the bratty customer left, I said something like, "I did cashiering during the holidays and it's one of the hardest times."
She was like, "Oh no! I just love it!"
No sarcasm at all. Seriously. The most happy person on the planet. She was totally not picking up on my humor at all.
I said, "Most customers aren't too bad, but every now and again, you just get a bad one that ruins the day."
She said, "I don't let them ruin my day. I love working here."
I gave up talking to her after that.
I wanted to ask her if she was high or on some sort of pill.
Go you for being so darn happy, but I still wanted to stab her a little for being so overly chipper.
Glad I don't work with someone that cheerful.
I can't handle that much "cheer". Drives me up the wall.
AND on a final note, this blog is very brief because all I want to do is get back to my Doctor Who marathon I'm working on. I've gone through the first season in 24 hours. Now I'm working on season 2.
Best. Show. Ever.
I love you Doctor Who. I love you.
And I love my friends that convinced me to watch this husband probably isn't a fan, since I'll no longer be doing the dishes, cleaning or making dinners until I've seen them all.


  1. ooh the book thing is a good idea. I feel like we have entire shelves we could donate. except i would probably just donate all of the mister's books to make more room for mine. ...not entirely a self-less act.

    1. My husband hates reading, so all books are my fault. I don't have as many now that I read my nook, but I still enjoy holding a book every now and then.


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