Sunday, December 9, 2012

RACK Day 8 (plus some) and Elf on the Gingerbread Shelf...?

Whatever. I meant to do this post last night, but I didn't get home until 9:30 (that's late in my world) and had to make a taco dip for my husband.

A taco dip for a party at his work.

A taco dip that he would forget to take and leave for me in the fridge.

No feelings hurt here, that's going to be my lunch.

Here's what the Elf brought last night:

Yes, he grew candy canes filled with joy.

This morning he decided to do this.
A Gingerbread house (actually 5 mini houses) for us to do tonight.
Which works out perfectly, since there's a winter storm outside.
We need some calm indoor activities so the child with pneumonia doesn't cry when the other two go out to play in all the snow we have.

I know it says Day 18 on it, but ignore that.
I found out that all Toys for Tots needed to be done before the 15th so I had to move things around.
Last night, we ran out to Barnes and Noble, picked out 2 books and donated them there.
The donations are for the Harriet Tubman foundation.
Evan picked out a funny kids book and I picked out Beautiful Creatures.
I've been wanting to read that.
Since they've decided to make EVERY teen book into a movie, I better get on it.
While we were there, we decided to give our cashier a tiny box of chocolates with one of our RACK cards.
I was a cashier during the holidays and it can get exhausting and stressful.
When a customer can't find what they want, they tend to take it out on everyone that happens to be nearby.
So we thought maybe some chocolates would spread a little cheer.
The other one we did, for Toys for Tots, that was very quick.
We had already purchased about 8 toys and dropped them off at our grocery store where they had a box set up.
Today we are going to face the snow storm and make a quick trip to Starbucks so I can pay for the person behind me.
Although, knowing my luck, there won't be anyone behind me.
But I have a $5 gift card, so I can just leave it there with the cashier.
Just a quick drive-through trip and hopefully, we can make someones morning.
And I can get a giant cup filled with caffeine and joy.
Well, that's all I have for you.
I posted what we are doing for today because I may not get a chance tonight.
Lots of baking to do.
We have our donations to the Fire station and Police station tomorrow and Tuesday.
We are making them trays of goodies.
But someone has to produce those goodies.
I better get to work.
Have a good Sunday!

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