Sunday, December 2, 2012

RACK day 2 and Elf on the Christmas Tree Shelf

Alfred is really starting to annoy me:

Really Alfred? It had to be the LAST roll of toilet paper in that bathroom.
That was a pleasant surprise this morning.
I was thrilled.
Absolutely thrilled.

Didn't that turn out lovely.
Just what every woman wants to decorate her tree...toilet paper.
It came off right after.
This Mom isn't a huge fan of mess.
Plus, we really did need toilet paper in that bathroom.

Speaking of mess, here's Evan decorating the cards for the soldiers.

That's what we did for our RACK day 2. The cards needed to be out before December 7th, so we wanted to get it done now.

I wrote on them and Evan (and the twins) helped decorate them. There were lots of trees. Black ones.

So pretty.

We ended up making 52 cards.
Felt like it took us forever, but it was really only 2 hours of time spent.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life while we worked.
Great movie.
I know I mentioned doing a new Advent Calendar, just for this RACK project.
It's not done up as well as it was in my imagination.
My imagination tends to view Pinterest too often and the ideas in my head are immense.
My actual creations are a little less impressive.
But it works.

My husband did the string for me.
I made some glitter clothespins.
And we put some RACK cards in envelopes.

Here's the card from Day 1. Obviously.
I did a very generic card for this project.
I waited too long and had to make it work.

Each card has different scripture on the back.

Evan is having a blast with this.

Today, he was explaining why we were decorating these cards to Declan:

"Soldiers are lonely and hurt and we need to make these as pretty as we can so we can cheer them up."

I am so proud that he's understanding why we are doing this and the meaning behind all of it.

I'm excited for the rest of our days!

Sorry this is so brief. It's Sunday and I'm beat.


  1. oh man that's so awesome that he gets it. can you imagine reading back through this blog when your kiddos are older? what a moment to have captured.

    1. I hope so. Because there's some seriously interesting things they've done and I'll need proof eventually.


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