Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RACK day 4, Elf stuck on the Candy Shelf AND A GIVEAWAY! Finally...

Random kid quote here:

My husband was using a slightly raised voice towards our 5 year old (Evan) last night during dinner, telling him that he needs to stop talking so much and eat his dinner.

Evan just sat there, eyes wide open, (like creepy, I may kill you in your sleep one night, wide open) not looking at either one of us.

I asked, reluctantly, "Evan, why are you doing that?"

Evan said, "I know that if I look weird, people stay away from me. They get scared and walk away."

Awesome plan. Because it worked.

Ok, so onto RACK.

Evan and I went to the library and told them why we were there.
We wanted to pay off some fees for random people.
We came prepared with $20 and asked if that would be OK for us to do.
Blank stares.
A manager was called over.
Apparently, this has never even been heard of before.
I'm assuming they mean the Internet, because that's where I found this idea.
I'm guessing I should have called them ahead of time too.
She couldn't do anything for us, but she said she was going to try.
She had to call headquarters.
Or whatever you call the head librarians.
So we gave her our $20 with her promise that she would either put it towards fees from some random people, like we intended, or just donate it to the library.
We were cool with it either way.
Can one of these ideas work out like they were intended to?
Once I receive her email, I'll let you know what was decided.
Alfred is getting kind of lazy.
And apparently he's working on his holiday weight by diving into our candy dish.
I know it's a pumpkin shaped candy dish.
And that's SOOO out of season.
It's because I don't have a Christmas candy jar.
OK, I do, but I'm too lazy to get it out.

How cute is he?
Evan said, "He must have eaten too much and his butt got stuck."
He better not be eating my candy.
Or I'll go all Queen of Hearts on his tiny butt,
"Off with his head!"
Enough with Morbid Elf on the Killing Shelf.
On to better things.
Remember I mentioned a giveaway?
It was months ago...but I know you remember.
You've been waiting anxiously, pounding your fist in frustration
over my lack of producing an actual giveaway.
And I actually really like it.
I actually don't want to give it away.
It looks really cool in my house.
Maybe I'll enter my own giveaway...

Isn't it glamorous.
Maybe it's just me, but this decor screams class and sophistication.
It's a grater of some sort attached to a piece of painted wood.
Told you.
I found the grater in an antique store.
It's pretty neat and very tiny.
You can empty out the holiday decor stuff and change it up according to seasons.
OR just put it away after Christmas and keep it as it is.
I don't really care.
Now, in order to enter my giveaway, you must do the following:
1. Make me cookies
2. Babysit my children for 2 hours on a weekend.
3. Wash my dishes.
OK, I'm kidding...a little.
If you would like to enter this giveaway, you must leave a comment below.
On this blog.
Not on my Facebook post of this blog.
But on this blog.
Directly. Below. In. The. Comments.
Winner will be announced FRIDAY.
That's it.
Easy peasy.
If you don't want to win but still feel the need to leave a comment, just tell me that you hate my beautiful piece of work and want nothing to do with it.
Then I might be slightly offended, cry a little, but I'll get over it.
Good luck!
And I mean luck because I may just keep it.


  1. Oooh la-la!! I like!!!! I also appreciate your son's willingness to go "Queen of Hearts" on an elf's little butt! Ha!

    1. Glad you like! He's a funny little thing. I'm glad I've decided to keep him around.

  2. Yay! Its finally letting me comment! LOL

    I think its very pretty! I would love to win it! Its it amazing how something can turn into art? I would never think of making something like that yet its perfect.

    I read your blog everyday! You make me feel not alone! LOL

    1. I'm so glad you were able to comment!

      And thank you! I wanted to do something with that grater so just went for it.

      I'm glad people stop by to read! Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. =)

  3. That's so weird you they wouldn't let you pay some fines off. But hopefully it works out in the end.

    Your elf is, as usual, adorbs.

    Enter a giveaway contest? Please and thank you.

    1. Woo-hoo! I was worried I would have no one enter...how embarrassing would that be?

  4. You're kid is hilarious. He's got a rich and fruitful future of creeping people out on public transporation.


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