Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Crazy, Hazy, Lazy days of Christmas.

Crazy, because that's my life.

Hazy, because that's my head.

And Lazy, because my butt is glued to my couch after all the crap I've eaten.

I can't seem to get out of this vacation funk and remember to get a blog post done.

So much to do and there doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done. Family is still in town and we've been hanging out, shopping and playing games like crazy. Which means my laundry is piling up, neglected in the basement. My room is a disaster and the bathrooms scare me.

Christmas was a blast!

My husband loved his present I surprised him with! I decided to buy him the remote start for his truck, but because of his warranty on his truck, it had to be done at the dealership and he didn't want to do it because of the cost.

I had to schedule this and plan ahead like crazy. When I told Jay I was going to need his truck to "pick up" his present, he tried to get me to borrow someone else's, but I had to convince him that only his would do.

Then I had to bring cash, so he wouldn't see the transaction statement.

I had to make sure the people working on his truck knew that this was going to be a surprise so they wouldn't call him randomly. They even put "Top Secret Christmas Present" on the top of all the forms.

When I got home, he took his truck to get some dinner and when he returned, he was very upset at me for adjusting his steering wheel, messing with his truck buttons and was wondering why I filled up his window washer fluid.

So I had to work up some serious fibs and lie my butt off about how I adjusted and played with the buttons just because I felt like it. Much harder to do than it sounds. I have no clue how to adjust a steering wheel. I'm sure I could figure it out, eventually....

After all that work, trying to keep this a top secret surprise, he received an email on Christmas Eve from the service center asking how his truck was and if he would take a survey about it.

Nice. Real nice.

He was nice enough not to say anything until after he opened the present and was happy to have the remote start finally, but I'm still upset that I can't seem to pull off a Christmas present for him.

He bought me a nook hd. The big one. I can't seem to put it down...

Now my house is a mess, presents are still all over the house, the Christmas tree is dead and falling apart and my kitchen is full of old, stale treats.

Tomorrow is clean up/tear down day.

I can't wait.

I know it's going to be exhausting but totally worth it.

Then Monday and Tuesday can be relaxing days. Hopefully.

We don't do anything for New Years Eve. We have 3 kids...where would we go?

To bed. That's where.

I didn't do too many pictures on Christmas, just because I prefer to be present in the moment and not behind a camera the whole time. But we managed to grab a few pictures.

Christmas Eve day. All our presents before taking them out.
These include our dice game gifts too.
Best game ever to play on Christmas.
We purchased a bunch of food gifts, wrapped them all individually, and had a couple sets of dice.
Then piled all the gifts in the middle, sat in a circle and started passing around the dice.
When someone rolled doubles, they would pick a present from the pile.
After all the presents are gone, we unwrapped all of them, surveyed what everyone had in front of them, then started the timer for 10 minutes and started the process all over again.
Except, when we rolled doubles, we could steal a present from someone else.
After the 10 minutes is up, what you have is what you get.
It's a blast. 

Our dinner mess on Christmas Eve.
We do a snack night themed meal.
Bunch of yummy appetizer type goodies.

Everything was soooooooo goood!
Except for that tray of sushi.
Not so good.
Well, the people that like nasty fish wrapped in disgusting seaweed, loved it.

Morgan snacking on her treat.
This cookie took her 25 minutes to get down.
She takes her time and savors every, single bite.
Pissed Evan off since we were waiting on her to open presents.
He paced the living room the whole time she ate this one cookie.

Another picture before the destruction.

Evan and Grandma.
He's "patiently" waiting to open presents.

Morgan opened a baby doll and a bottle that cries like a baby.
Declan freaked out every time the bottle made a crying sound.
He was very worried for the baby doll.

She got an entire Minnie Mouse dress up outfit for Christmas.
My Mom made her dress and bought a bunch of accessories for her.
She also made a Cinderella one.
Seriously adorable.

My Mom is very talented.
And now my daughter is very girly.
Putting on her accessories for her.

Christmas is over....kind of depressing, but relieved that I can relax a bit now.

Trying to talk my husband into signing up to go to the gym with me this year.

So far, I'm not having a lot of luck. Can't say I blame him. I've eaten so much food lately, I'm not sure I'll be able to zip my pants anymore. But if I'm going to be wearing yoga pants, might as well get the gym membership so I can look legit.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

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  1. I feel like my comment would ramble forever if I typed everything I was thinking as I read, but in summary:

    You are a gift ninja, i'm sorry the service center mucked it up, but seriously, good work!
    Your house is so warm and inviting from the pictures. I'm totally stealing the dice game.


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