Monday, December 24, 2012

RACK day 23 and Elf on the Circus Shelf

RACK day 23 was a little more unplanned acts of kindness.

I brought cards and little things of candy and decided to hand them to cashiers at all the stores we went to during our shopping trip.

Worked out very well, when I remembered to bring the cards and candy inside with me.

My sister-in-law and I were even able to help someone out in the checkout lane by giving her the 14 cents she needed to complete her transaction. She was about to run to her car just for that.

Sometimes going out and just hoping your in the right place at the right time is the most fun.

Today, we are going to try to drop a flower arrangement off at our nearby hospital for someone that needs it most.

Tomorrow is taping microwave popcorn bags to Redbox machines.

Our Elf is almost outta here!

Evan started crying a little this morning when he realized the Elf had to leave.

"I'm going to miss Alfred. I wish he could do this forever."

Mommy doesn't. Mommy is pleased as punch that he's heading back to the North Pole for awhile.

Here are some pics of his very last adventures:

Just hanging around.
Kids thought this one was funny.
I'm just glad he stayed there all day and didn't fall due to faulty rigging.
Alfred created a good-bye breakfast for the kids this morning.
Well...he created a good-bye breakfast table setting.
I had to make the breakfast.
But he left the recipe for Waffles in his note, so it wasn't too hard.

The table settings.

Safely out of reach again.

Alfred even brought some cute cups for the kids.
Evan said he was so excited and happy about Christmas that his heart was going to burst.
I feel the same way.
When I was little, I remember getting SO excited for Christmas that it was hard to even eat.
Every single thing about the day seemed special.
Everyone was happy, we had yummy food/treats to eat and presents waiting to be opened.
After you get older, some of the magic leaves Christmas.
It's still good and can be fun, but it comes with more responsibility now.
A house to clean, food to make, presents to buy and wrap.
That creates some stress, depending on your situation.
But then you have kids.
And they are so full of Christmas joy that it spreads to everyone within reach.
Now wrapping presents, all you can see is how excited they will be opening this gift.
The food is fun because they know it's going to be special.
Even though they won't eat a bite, I still make them something good.
My kids make me excited for Christmas again.
I wouldn't trade this moment for anything in the world.
This Christmas is just about being blessed.
Being blessed to have each other.
A roof over our heads, food on our table and and family surrounding us.
What more could a person really need?
Jay took some pictures of Morgan being...well, being Morgan.
She's kind of a lump in the morning.
And the afternoon.
Ok...she's lazy all the time.

She brought her bed with her this morning.

If that darn pacifier wasn't there, I bet that would have been a cute smile.
Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
And I hope you have a great day tomorrow as well!
Lots of work to be done, so I better get my butt in gear.
I'm off to conquer some dirty diapers.

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