Monday, December 10, 2012

RACK day 10 and Elf on the flying high shelf.

Random kid quote for the day:

Me: "Who wants to try a treat I made?"
Evan: "I do! Are you going to try some?"
Me: "I already did."
Evan: "Oh yeah. I can see that your belly is kind of fat."

Wow. Thanks.

No treats for anyone. Ever again.

Alfred came again...he's getting tired.

15 more days. We can do it, Alfred!

Flying high because he has a kite...get it?
I'm hilarious.
I accidentally left the yarn out on the floor and Evan came running up to me with it today,
"Mommy! Mommy! Alfred left us yarn so we could make our own kite tomorrow!'s 15 degrees out. So not happening.

RACK day 10 (and 11) was to bring Cards/Treats to our Police station and Fire Station.

I made 2 trays of yummy treats.

They looked like this:
There's (left to right) Thin Mint Bark, Chocolate Malt Biscotti, Chocolate coffee rounds and Key lime coins.
That thin mint bark is probably the most addicting treat I've ever made.
I have leftover ingredients.
Guess who's belly is about to get bigger?
Turns out our stations are connected, so we just blended two days into one.
Except, by the time we got there, it was closed.
But a very nice lady, that was on her way home, offered to go back inside and deliver them for us.
Evan made a cute card for each one, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
He was disappointed because I'm pretty sure he thought we would deliver goodies then take a ride in a vehicle.
I told him to stay confident...there's time yet for a chance to ride in a police car.
Your time is probably coming little dude.
Kidding...kind of.
Although, if I had to pick a kid that would end up in the back of a police car, he wouldn't be my first bet.
I'm putting my money on kid #2.
And if you know my children, you're probably nodding your head right now.
I better get my butt off this Internet.
I have to finish making a Christmas present for my Dad.
I doubt he reads this, but just in case, I'm not including a photo.
You will just have to wait until after Christmas.



  1. your kids crack me up. kites. good try evan.

    1. That kid is out to get me. I'm never sure whether I should laugh or cry at the things he says.


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