Saturday, December 22, 2012

RACK day 20, 21, and 22 plus, Elf on the toilet shelf

RACK day 20, 21, and 22.
Day 20 and 21 were some we did at Evans school.
Day 20 was a gift for his teacher.
Day 21 was a box of chocolates for his main office.
Day 22 was supposed to be an extra large tip at a restaurant but I forgot to bring everything I needed to do this, like money.
Way to go me.
I'm going to try to make up for this tomorrow by doubling up and doing 2 RACK.
It's getting closer to the holidays so it will be hard to get on here and update as frequently.
Our Elf, Alfred, has been getting into trouble lately.
He wrapped our toilet up just to freak Evan out the next morning. Alfred got a little crazy with the tape. 
Please don't mind my messy bathroom.
Evan woke up in the morning and was less than thrilled about not being able to pee.
When it was time to unwrap our toilet, he said, "Mommy! Look! The Elf made us a new clean toilet!"
The same, filthy one.
Nice try.
If the Elf cleaned, he wouldn't be leaving us Christmas Eve.
He wouldn't be leaving us ever.

After wrapping presents for 2 hours, I was a little too lazy to do too much.
He hid in our wreath.
Today I decided to try my hand at decorating Christmas sugar cookies.
I started around 10 a.m.
Finished around 2 p.m.
And this is what they look like.

Worth the time?
Not a chance.
I had fun though.
But never again.

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