Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Letter

My husband had a brilliant idea:

"We should send out a family letter with our Christmas cards."

My skeptical voice asked, "What would we put in it?"

He said, "Probably what we did this past year..."

Once again, I asked, "What would we put in it?"

Because, when thinking about it, there's not a whole lot of news out there that I would really think to tell everyone about.

BUT, I'm a nice, loving wife and decided to write out what I would put in a letter to my family.

And, I decided to make it even more challenging, by putting it in poem form.

Yes...my family is lucky to have me.

Dear Family,

The twins turned the Terrible Two,
Evan turned a Friendly Five.
They are plotting against us,
Trying to bury us alive.

I turned a hateful 32 this year,
Jalon is even older than that.
We are having a blast together,
growing old and getting fat.

Last winter passed in a blur,
I can hardly remember it.
A sickness took over our house,
We all took a hit.

Spring and Summer I spent,
running my butt around.
I tried some 5K's this year,
Easier said than done, I found.

My in-laws moved much closer,
to our cold and snowy place.
We got them here finally,
they took the Grandchild bait.

Autumn arrived on wings of doom,
sweeping in another round of sickness.
It covered our homes and filled our lungs
with a great, heavy quickness.

I wish I had more to tell you.
But our lives are not what you would think.
Most days are just about survival,
They pass us by in a blink.

We don't have fun travel pictures to share,
Or exciting adventures to write about,
We're just trying to raise our children,
without the need to shout.

Some days are better than others,
We try to find joy in the small things.
To come out at the end with all my fingers,
Is the good thing that the day brings.

We know this time is short-lived,
That one day we will miss this.
I'm not sure when that time starts...
I can't wait for that silent bliss.

The good news is, we're happy.
Trying to remain full of joy and glee,
Because God gave us this life
And we're trying to live it fully.

Merry Christmas Family and Friends.

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