Friday, December 7, 2012

RACK day 7 (a bust), Elf on the Hot Shelf and the WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY!

RACK day 7 didn't work out. At all.

Blame the snow.
I wasn't fibbing.
This is my front yard.
Almost a blizzard out there.
Ok...not a blizzard.
But now I'm craving Dairy Queen...

We knew it was coming, we live in Minnesota so we're used to snow.

At least you think we would be.

But due to the amount of accidents that were occurring, apparently, not everyone is used to the snow.

There were 3 accidents on 1 road so we decided to turn back and head home.

We're going to double up tomorrow on our RACK so we don't get behind...although, there's an actual winter storm predicted for tomorrow.

Hopefully, we'll be able to accomplish something before it hits.

We've had one heck of a day.

Or rather, two crazy, insane, exhausting weeks. Week 1 was Evan, sick with fever and other cold like crud, ended up at the doctor twice for him. Then he passed it to the twins, who had fevers and cold like symptoms. But then Declans symptoms go haywire and we had to bring him in twice. First time, regular antibiotics to fix an ear infection and what could be crud in his lungs. The second time, they actually did X-rays only to find out that it was pneumonia and he had a severe ear infection that the regular antibiotics weren't fixing.

On to the strong stuff and our nebulizer.

Finally, they are starting to do better.

But now I'm coughing and wheezing.

Life is awesome.


Alfred hunts on Pinterest wayyyy too much.

Someone needs to take away his wi-fi privileges.

If you've been on Pinterest or looked up Elf ideas anywhere, you've probably seen this one.
Does he look like he's uncomfortable the way he's sitting?
I had to cram his legs up there so he'd stay.

Blah, blah, blah.
Pretty much gives my son permission to make a mess.
Although, I turned on the oven earlier to make a pizza for lunch, melted the crap out of those hugs.
He squished them puppies in there and made chocolate mush everywhere. 

Here it is all mixed up.
The pretty snow sprinkles on top are a nice touch, I think.
You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what magic sprouts out of there.
Hopefully I remember.
I took some cough syrup with codeine in it.
My computer screen is looking kind of swirly and I think I grew more hands.
Anyway, I have the results of my GIVEAWAY!!!
 I used a very helpful and very, very detailed website to do this selection.
Next time, I'm going with names in a hat.
I think they even drew blood through the computer, just so I could do this.
They asked for my address, like it really matters where I live.
I just wanted them to pick a name.
Internet, please make this process quicker.
There's even a button I can add for an authentic touch.
Oh yeah.
You're waiting to see who won.
The winner is Carrie!
If you've never been to her blog, head over there now, because she's hilarious and I am a fan.
Here's a link:
You are the winner Carrie!
Just message me your address @ and I'll send it out ASAP!
I had no idea if my email was on my blog somewhere, because I'm too out of it to look.
That's why I put it in here.
Forgive me for looking like a dork.
Maybe I should do a giveaway once a month.
This was fun.
Maybe I shouldn't write blog posts after taking special cough syrup.

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