Friday, December 14, 2012

RACK Day 13 and 14 and Elf on the Baking Shelf

Random stuff first.

My kids are weird.
These two are a little obsessive and organized.
But when Declan is done, he rips it apart.
Morgan freaks out if one block is out of place.
Creates a tornado of terror that lasts for 10 minutes.
Fun times at the Sortor house.
The Elf has been slacking off a little.
I was going to take a picture of the other night, but he really didn't do anything cool.
He plopped himself to the top of the tree....
that's it.
At least last night, he brought dessert.
I have to make it, but still more exciting than sitting in the tree...again.

I have to keep him out of reach.
The twins think he's edible.
Evan would have a seizure if he saw the twins touch him.
Christmas would be ruined and the planet would implode.
Better to just keep him high enough.
I'm just trying to save Christmas for everyone.

Look, he even brought cookie cutters!
What a darn thoughtful little guy.
Looks like I'll be busy this afternoon NOT watching Doctor Who.
Can you tell I'm obsessed?
My husband doesn't even have the energy to roll his eyes at me anymore.
I just finished Season 2 and was sobbing last night on the couch.
"How DARE they! I LOVE my characters!"
He managed a small eye roll at that...
Moving on.
Because I could talk all day about Doctor Who.
All day.
But I won't.
RACK day 13 was giving a gift to our Therapy teacher that comes here to help with the twins.
She's great.
Declan is finally starting to talk...not sure why I'm excited about this.
I can't get a 5 year old to be quiet for 30 seconds,
you would think that I would learn to appreciate the quiet when I can get it.
The gift looks like this:

We taped a RACK card to the top.
There were 4 total that look like this that we plan on handing out.
RACK day 14 (today) is giving one of these to our mailman...or mailperson.
I'm just going to shove into our mailbox with a little note saying,
"To our Mail Human. Please take this gift. Merry Christmas".
The end.
No, really...I mean it.
The end.
That's it.
It's all I have for today.
Except...this is my 150th posting.
That's insane.
150 posts on this blog.
I write a lot of crap.


  1. I was totally Morgan growing up. Sometimes I didn't even play with my toys, I just set them up. Perfectly.

    I love your dedication to the elf. Are you going to post pictures of the finished cookies? I assume little ones get to help decorate?

    1. I was going to post photos of the cookies, but it was a disaster. They thought it was playdoh. After I managed to cook a few (not burn them to a crisp) we decorated with frosting and sprinkles and they looked horrible. We had enough to eat. That's pretty much it.


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