Sunday, December 9, 2012


We knew there was a winter storm headed our way.

Started out with us getting maybe 4-6 inches.

Then, they were predicting 6-9.

After it started, it went up to 9-12.

We are still getting snow and we are at maybe 10 inches now, if not more.

It's a beautiful sight...for someone that doesn't have anywhere they need to go.

We had a BLAST today and I took a million pictures for you.

Our tree in our yard.
Still full of snow.
Looks like it's going to snap apart soon.

I put her in our sled decoration.
She wasn't a fan.

I was starting to build our snowman.

Still building while Morgan works on her posing.

He was having a blast!

Morgan LOVED the snow!
She threw a fit when it was time to come in.
Although, she spent most of the time eating it.
And walking around with two sticks saying she was skiing.

He was trying to help build the snowman.
He didn't have much patience for the process.

More construction on the snowman.

The poor sick child that couldn't come out to play.
I felt so bad for him...
Broke my heart to see this picture.

More snow.
I love how it looks on the trees.

I tried making a snow angel.

And then I realized why I don't make snow angels.

"Take my glasses, I can't see a thing!"
Between falling snow and fog on my lenses, I was blind.
We came in, after this, made some hot chocolate and got to work on our gingerbread houses.
A hot mess.

I gave them paintbrushes to keep the frosting under control a little.

Morgan finished hers.
Declan never even got started.

This was mine.
I had the Chalet.

This was Jay's.
Very festive.

Here's Evan and his house.
You can see the twins in the background making good use of their candies.
Screw decorating.
Just chow down.

This is our snowman at night.
We made him screaming because the sleigh is too fast.

Isn't he adorable? 

My poor car.
I cleaned it off once already. 

I just thought this was funny how it clings to the chain link fence.
I love snow.
Creates a whole new world outside.
Everything is muffled and quiet,
so much fun to play in.


  1. "We made him screaming because the sleigh is too fast."
    Seriously laughed out loud.

    Love the houses - hope it perked up your little one who was stuck inside.
    Also, you should send that snow our way... we're getting the same amount of precipitation but it's all disgusting sludgy rain.

    1. That poor snowman is sagging...he looks like he's screaming because he's about to face plant into the snow.

      My husband would have loved to send this entire storm away. This was an all day shoveling party. He's not a fan.


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