Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RACK day 5 and Elf on the Gambling Shelf

Today our RACK went EXACTLY as planned!




(Yee-haw?? Seriously?)

Well, it wasn't a hard one, so I sort of expected it to go well.

What made this so darn easy?
My grocery store had bags made just for donation purposes.
I thought about just shopping for food,
but I think that they put together bags based on actual needs of the Food Shelf.
So Evan and I picked out three bags, one for Seniors, one for kids and one for a family.
Not really sure what the difference was between all of them, but we picked a good variety.
They were $5.00 a piece.
And then we popped them right into the food shelf bin by the door.
Which was overflowing.
Very nice to see that happen.
This is one of our many donations to the Food Shelf.
Evan brought one donation to school today.
Then we do another when we go to the Holiday train.
And one more at my husbands work.
I have plenty to give, so we're prepared for it.
Alfred was a busy little Elf last night.
Look at this:

Gambling on duty?
What kind of Elf did we adopt?
Big money sitting there...I see 2 quarters and some dimes.
Someone doesn't carry a lot of cash.
Or someone has a small addiction to coffee and that's all she has.
I did not realize the questions that this image would cause.
Don't get me wrong- I expected some questions.
But Evan has a way of surprising me.
"Mommy? How did Barbie come alive to play with Alfred?"
"Mommy? Will all my toys come alive now?"
"OH! I think I hear your brother calling you...."
This wasn't in the instruction manual.
Stupid Pinterest and their ideas.
I don't like questions.
Why can't I get the kid that's all, "OH how cool!"
The end.
Although, he believes that radio ornament I bought actually reports from the North Pole.
THAT he believes without question.
Thank you Hallmark.
That ornament is one of my favorites.
Tonight the Elf was going to go fishing in the toilet for Goldfishes.
I bought a bag the other day, but we keep eating them,
so I figure that I better do this before I have to buy more...then eat them all again.
It's a vicious cycle.
I say was, because I just looked at my toilet and it's not in great shape.
In fact, I'm not sure I even want to sit on it.
I haven't had time to tidy up with all the kids sick with the crud.
I rarely want to take pictures of my toilet...but right now, if I took a picture, it would ruin my awesome Mom image.
Which I've worked hard to obtain.
The kitchen is a mess too...
Darn it.
Why doesn't someone clean up around here?!? am I supposed to do cute Elf things and take pictures, if my house looks like a giant bomb went off and splattered my house with purple Children's Advil, snot rags and lost cheerios.
Geez...guess he'll just have to do something lame again tonight.
Don't forget so sign up for the giveaway, if you haven't already.
It's located here:
Deadline: Friday at 9 p.m.
Because that's bedtime for me.

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