Monday, December 3, 2012

RACK day 3- Epic Fail and Elf the slacker on the shelf

If you have me on Facebook, then you already know that my world has been turned upside down by the flu or Bubonic Plague. Either way, it's making its way through the house in the form of fevers, whining, coughing, congestion and little sleep. The fever seems to last about a week. Last week, my oldest son had it. Now the twins have it.

So I'm counting on 3 weeks of no laundry, no dishes, no dinner and no sleep. Because now that they all have it- it's more than likely my turn, starting this weekend when I have plans to not be here watching children.


Although, I've been washing my hands like a nutcase, hoping to keep this disease at bay so maybe I'll get lucky.

I was going to take a break from RACK, but decided just to keep plowing through. My husband came home early today (God Bless his amazing soul- he saved my day today! He let me nap, he did some laundry, the dishes, tidied up and cuddled like crazy with the twins) and was able to watch the twins after dinner so Evan and I could run out to do our activity.

Today was donating Crayons and coloring books to the hospital we spend lots and lots of time at when kids are sick.

I loaded this picture to Instagram before we left.
Why was this an epic fail?
I had a 5 year old that created this idea. This was one of the things he was excited to do.
We walked in to the front desk, explained why we were there, Evan wanted to see if there was a sad kid in the hospital that needed to be cheered up.
The ladies looked at us and said, "Sorry, we don't really want that kind of thing. We look for DVD's, but that's about it. We have no use for coloring books here." The ladies looked at us like we were nuts. I had assumed this would happen eventually. Not everyone is open to the idea of Random Acts of Kindness.
I should have called first, just to make sure, but I honestly didn't think there would be an issue.
Poor Evan. He looked devastated. Broke my heart.
I explained on the way home that maybe we can donate these with our items going to Harriet Tubman later this month and that maybe we can donate a DVD for kids at the hospital on another night.
He cheered up after that. Driving around looking at Christmas lights helped too. =)
The Elf was quite the slacker last night. He planted himself in a tree again and brought back coloring packets from the North Pole that contained crayons, stickers and a little coloring book.
It saved the day, since both the twins woke up sick and upset. That present calmed them down and had them coloring for about an hour quietly.
I don't even have a good picture. Sorry. I'm a failure. =)
Now I'm off to prepare all that I'll need for another night of no sleep and taking care of kids. I spent half the night on the couch last night and the other half running around looking for medicine syringes, pacifiers, sippy cups and thermometers. Not tonight.
Tonight I'm coming prepared.
And because I'm prepared, everyone will sleep through the night.
Not that I'm complaining...
Off to bed I go.

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