Monday, November 12, 2012

Can I say this without grossing you out?

I made Swedish Meatballs the other night.

It's delicious. It has lots of that yummy gravy that I use on top of egg noodles, because I can.

The only problem is that since it's a creamy gravy, that can sometimes cause gastrointestinal issues.

Such as flatulence. And other stuff.

After making and eating that dinner, I decided to take the family to Target to purchase winter supplies. It was 65 degrees out, but in Minnesota in November, that doesn't mean much. I knew Morgan was going to need a winter jacket sooner rather than later. Turns out it was good timing since the next day it was 30 degrees with sleet.

But since it was so warm out, it inspired us and we hit up the Dairy Queen before heading home. We always get it to go because eating in public with my 3 kids is like cleaning the toilet without gloves're just asking for something to go wrong.

I decided to take it slow, it was nice out and I was enjoying the ride, with the windows down for probably the last time.

Then my husband started panting. At least that's what it sounded like.

Jalon: "Can you drive any slower?"

Me: "Seriously? Are you in a hurry?"

Jalon: "I'm starting to get goosebumps. We need to get home soon."

Me: "Did you just fart in the car? That can't be a good sign."

Jalon: "I'm having some issues keeping my colon gravy in."

Me: "Did you say colon gravy? That's just wrong. Oh look at that...I just pulled up behind the slowest truck in the north. That's going to suck. Guess you'll just have to keep holding it in."

Jalon: "You need to get moving. Now."

Me: "Just keep your colon gravy off my leather seats and we'll be fine."

But I was cracking up and he actually let me put it on here so you can be as grossed out as I was.

That's the love of my life, right there.

On another less-disgusting note, my giveaway is coming up!

Hang in there! Should be by the end of this week.

I'm very excited.

It's almost like this is a "real" blog.

Not the kind that does the "good" giveaways. This won't be on the level of the Pioneer Woman- who does giveaways like mixers and cool gadgets. I don't have that kind of budget.

More like "guess what I found in my closet" or "I made this out of random bits I found and now it's yours to keep".

Are you excited yet?

You should be. I'm a great crafter.

Just you wait.

You will see this and want it for yourself.

I'm in love with it and may just keep it for myself.

Moving on.

We pray at dinner time every night. Evan and Declan help us remember by not eating until we pray. They are good kids. Morgan just heads right for her food without a second thought.

But during these prayers, Jalon and I have been having "prayer wars".

When I pray, I pray for the usual, our food, our health and our family. But I've been adding snow to my list recently. I've been praying for TONS of snow to make its way to our yard. LOTS AND LOTS of it!

Jalon has been praying for the snow to hold off as long as it can, maybe not happen at all.


But guess what?

I woke up this morning to some pretty heavy flurries.

Guess my prayers are being answered!

Or it's just November in Minnesota. Or a combination of both.

Still- I'm happy. =)

Have a good Monday!

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  1. This is definitely one of those gross stories that I actually love because it sounds like it could come from the Mister. Good to know I'm not alone. :)


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