Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the dusty shelf and a bonus, how to mess with your husband!

Alfred is fun. I'm having a blast.

Except for one thing.

I have a 5 year old with a MILLION questions.

"Why does the Elf do all those things?"

"Why do I have to find him?"

"How does he see me, if he can't even move?"

Yeah...the Elf was unprepared for all these questions. He was led to believe that a certain 5 year old would still believe in Christmas magic, without question.

Day 1, our Elf brought up a tiny tree and decorated it. Last night, he came back with cute little letters. I'm afraid that I've set the bar pretty high.

Which means I won't get a day to "slack off" and not have the elf do something cool that day.

Way to go me.

The Elf made tiny envelopes and wrote tiny letters.
The bastard even included tiny pieces of glitter that got everywhere.
Darn that Elf.

Isn't he cute, holding his pen?
I had a mailbox ornament that worked perfectly for this.
They loved their little letters!
If you dare comment on the fine layer of dust I've been accumulating for a month, I will come over there and wash your mouth out with soap.
I didn't notice it until after I took the photo.
My living room is pretty dark and hides the dust well.
It was late when I took this photo.
Far too late to be doing menial chores, like dusting.
Plus, the Elf had clean up duty after he made a mess with all the supplies.
While we're on the subject, please make a note of the following (if you plan on doing the Elf in your home and have slightly older, not so impressionable kids):
1. Find Elf supplies that ONLY Elf will use. Like paper. And glitter. My son had many questions when he found scraps that I forgot in the kitchen. Make yourself a little "Elf basket" and hide it. I'm now worried he will recognize the glitter and stickers. He thinks they came right from Santa's house...not my art bin on top of the fridge.
I'm learning as I go, so I'm sharing tiny tips. Maybe you're a good parent and would have thought ahead and made sure this didn't happen. Go you.
I, however, am not always prepared for my ideas and they take over without much planning.
On to messing with my husband. This is always fun, isn't it?
I think so. He's not a fan, but it didn't hurt him any, so where's the harm?
I have a nook tablet. It downloads apps, just like any other tablet device. I was looking for free apps today (because I'm a cheap ass) and found a text app. It gives you a random phone number and you can text with it. Well...that sounds weird AND fun. Right up my alley.
So, I went for it. I texted the one person I felt would respond. My husband. When I signed up, I put my full name in there, so I wasn't sure if that would show up or not, so I made my first approach kind of vague.
My first words were, "Hey ...hows it going? ;)"
I was trying to be flirty.
He wrote back, "Sorry. Who am I speaking with?"
I realized at this point that he had no idea who I was. 
Time to have a little fun.
"Someone who thinks you're incredibly sexy."
Nothing back.
Still nothing. What the heck.
"Ok. Just kidding, It's your wife. I found an app on my nook that lets me text."
That's when I receive a text on my cell phone.
"Is that really you texting me at another number from your nook?"
"Yes. Yes it is."
"Ok just checkin. Did I pass?"
He's so cute. This wasn't a test.
But he passed with flying colors.
Now I'm off to mess with more people. 

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  1. Love it. I don't know if you follow the blog "People I Want To Punch In The Throat" but she has a very different thought process on the Elf. I'm betting you'd get a laugh:


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