Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Twas the Night Before All Hallows Eve

Twas the night before All Hallows Eve, when all through the house,
scary creatures were getting restless, they even ate the mouse!
The pumpkins were carved with scary faces of delight,
Hoping that the children will scream with terror and fright.

The children were sleeping, finally worn out from fear,
while visions of trick-or-treating filled them with cheer.
My husband and I in jammies so old and torn,
crawled into our bed feeling tired and worn.

When out on the lawn, we heard a loud sound,
we argued over who would get cold to do some checking around.
I lost the battle, and climbed out of the cozy bed,
creeped to the window filled with a haunting dread.

The full moon gleamed over our Halloween cemetery,
stretching out the dark shadows making me wary.
When, what to my searching eyes should discover,
A glowing light in the dark, just starting to hover.

I rubbed my eyes hard, because it's hard to see without glasses,
Everything looked so blurry and weird, like looking through molasses.
I tried blinking them clear, to be sure of what was lurking on my lawn
The light grew and grew brighter, like the growing light of dawn.

I gasped with the shock of what I was seeing
But it was gone in a flash, so quick and very fleeting.
I realized real quick that this was no spirit or ghost.
Just a car passing through, slowing to a coast.

I laugh at myself because I was shaking that night.
So scared of what I thought, it gave me such a fright.
The sound was the neighbors, annoying as always
Not some ghoul or monster, prowling my hallways.

I decided to go back to bed, scared no more,
But then I heard something even worse, my husbands loud snore.
I groaned with disgust, I can't sleep with that sound
Sometimes a stray kick will help him stop, I have found.

So if Halloween is something you fear, fills you with dread,
Stop being scared, I don't believe in the walking dead.
The loud snores coming from our bed are much more scary,
Than any ghost or monster, no matter how hairy.

I hope you have a Halloween, filled with lots of candy
Snickers, lollipops and Tootsie Rolls are dandy.
Go ahead and dress those kids up real scary or even super cute,
Then after they are done trick-or-treating, eat all their loot.

And after it's done, turn off the lights, relax and breath a sigh,
Put away all the Halloween crap and, for now, say good-bye.
You can steal from your kids stash of candy without a fight,
What more do you want? Happy Halloween and good night.

Anyway, that poem is quite random, sorry about that. I wanted it to sound much better, but there are time limits here. These dishes won't wash themselves and there are lots of Halloween shows on that are calling my name =).

Happy Halloween!

As promised, I have some pictures of our pumpkins from our pumpkin carving party last night:

The kids used paint. I cleaned out a pumpkin for Evan and let him draw the design on.

Cleaning pumpkins is my favorite part. 
Except when I'm sitting next to Morgan.
Notice the hand full of black paint?

After cleaning out at the table, some went our tarp covered living room for carving.
Morgan and Declan decided to help out.
By stabbing people with pencils.

Grandma trying to use the Halloween house as an idea for her pumpkin.

Some of the mess.

Almost as big as a pumpkin.
Poor chapped lips.

Kind of cranky.

The mess from the kids.

Our pumpkins all glowing.
Jay and I carved a few more later that night.
We had lots.
And everyone left theirs behind for us.
Now we have tons.

Jalon did 2.
I think I did 2 as well.
I can't remember.
We were up half the night cleaning these suckers out and carving.
Plus, I cleaned all the seeds for eating purposes.
I get tired and then I get forgetful.
All of our pumpkins.
I can't WAIT for tonight!
Have a good one!

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