Thursday, October 11, 2012

I had another Birthday...which makes me 30 again!

My birthday started out like another day of torture.

Went to get Declan (2 years old) out of bed only to find him covered in blood as if he murdered a tiny gremlin in his sleep and ate it (Cats eye anyone? That movie creeps me out). The blood was dried on his face and smeared over every blanket in his bed.

I started my usual "freak out" dance but realized it wasn't fresh anymore, so I toned the dance down to a subtle shuffle.

Texted pictures to Jalon, just so he would join in on the shuffle and he decided just to come home to see the evidence in his own eyes.

(Just in case you were worried, he just picked his nose really, really well. He goes deep enough to draw blood. He's an expert level picker.)

Then Morgan decided to throw a fit over a pair of tights. Yes, I am not a fan either little girl, especially when you flex your feet and make it 10 times harder than it needs to be to pull these things on making us both scream in frustration, so I will give in and put you in your usual jeans.

We are all suffering from the plague still, so toss in some extra crankiness and snot and the birthday awesomeness can begin!

However, through all this, I tried to remain positive. It was going to be a good day, even if I had to force it.

Nap time came around. 12:30, I put the kids to bed and at 1, Morgan finally crashed. I decided, it's my birthday, I should also be allowed to nap, so I went to bed right after. At 1:25, my doorbell rang. Repeatedly. Then, because I didn't get there fast enough, the door pounding began.

Swearing and running to the front door, I opened it, glared at the dude standing there and said, "WHAT...can I help you with?!?"

"Uh...we're just here to work on your power lines and to let you know you won't have power for about 10 minutes."

"'s nap time. GO FOR IT!" (I had more sarcastic comments to add, but glued my mouth shut so I wouldn't make them mad. They were messing with my power. Don't piss off the power dudes.)

Jay had called Excel Energy about 3 weeks ago to fix our low-hanging power lines in the backyard. TODAY was the day they picked...of course! AND NAP TIME TOO! How lucky can a girl get?!

The power shuts down. No big deal, right?

It wouldn't be if I hadn't trained the twins to nap with fans. The second those fans shut off = babies are up and ready to play. Morgan was wide awake. Declan talked for a few minutes, but went right back to sleep for me.

But my nap time was over before it even started.

Ok, ok. Now I'm officially crabby and feeling more than a little violent. But I'm turning over a new leaf. It's not going to be pretty, but it's a new me. A less violent, less crabby, more looking on the bright side type of girl.

So, after the kids woke up, we picked Evan up from school and went to the grocery store for the goods. Goods= cake (chocolate), ice cream (Neapolitan), Raspberry Ginger Ale, and frozen pizza. This was going to be a good could it not be with cake?

Then, the birthday celebration began. And by began, I mean, Jay came home and decided frozen pizza was below him and he was ordering "fancy" pizza (fancy = Pizza Hut). Evan made me a card. And we watched TV. Fun stuff.

I did get some GREAT gifts! Let me share with you what I received, because I have the BEST Family ever!

A target gift card from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. (I used to purchase Bones season 7, nail polish and a new puzzle. I like puzzles.)
Charming Charlie gift card from my mother-in-law and father-in-law. They also gave me a very cute Angry Bird t-shirt and two antique windows that are itching for me to craft with.
Jay gave me $100 to get my hair done- WOO-HOO for removing split ends that reach my scalp and finally getting rid of my gray streak!
A secondhand headboard and footboard that I get to chop up and create magic with.
And a beautiful Halloween quilt that my Mom hand-crafted for me. It has owls. I heart owls.
My brother brought by a Redbull and 3 bags of candy. He knows me so well. That Redbull helped me clean the house. It has magical powers. Instead of wings it gave me Windex and a duster.

I also get to go out for my birthday on Friday. Yes...without the children. I love my kids and have a hard time spending time without them, but it will be fun to have a few hours of adult time. And actually sit down to eat food in a restaurant. I may even dress up. (Dress up = showering)

My 30th birthday was wonderful...ok, 32nd. But who's counting?

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  1. Wow your day started off to be a flop, but it sounds to have turned out really well! I love when you start to repeat your birthdays, so ummmmm welcome to the thirties, "AGAIN"! When my next birthday arrives I will officially be in my mid thirties, not to sure how I feel about that.

    Sounds like you got some great gifts and I can not wait to see what you craft out of all of you new goodies! So excited!

    Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful birthday, unfortunately as a mother not even your birthday can be flawless, but I dont imagine your birthday would be even close to amazing without the little preciouses! So it sounds as though you a blessed and amazingly loved by your husband (Jalon your super!), your children and your extended family!

    Oh yeah and I need what ever magic you acquired to get your house cleaned please box it up and send it my way!


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