Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crafting a Thrift Store Costume for Halloween.

I found it.

Yesterday I was stressed and concerned that I wouldn't find the right costume for me.

Then we went secondhand shopping and there it was.

The dress. It was BIG, fluffy, powder blue with sequins and beads covering the layers of tulle. I fell in love.

It reminded me of Cinderella and I had to have it.

$15 later I was the proud owner of a Cinderella ball gown that didn't fit.

Crap. Thought that one through didn't I.

Darn candy, ice cream and my lack of exercise....

So I took the dress over to my Mom and we discussed a few adjustments that could be made to turn this dress into something perfect for me and I could actually wear without it falling off because I can't actually zip it.

I was debating on whether I should leave it, fix it up a bit and just be Cinderella for Halloween or dye it black, wear my black mask and turn it into a masquerade ball gown?

So many choices...

We picked Cinderella.

I've always wanted to play princess...maybe 32 is a little old for this fantasy to play out, but I don't really care! It's so pretty.

I know it doesn't exactly scream beautiful, hunched over on my couch, but it will be.
I see lots of potential in this gown.
We are planning on turning it into a Disney version of Cinderella gown. I'm going to add more sparkles, just because I like things that sparkle =). My Mom is going to help me modify the dress by sewing on some sleeves and those white humps on the side (no clue what to call that). Add some gloves, black choker, a headband and POOF, Thrift-store Cinderella is complete.
I will post progress reports, with photos, if anyone is interested. I'm excited. Not like I needed another project added to my plate, but this won't take too long (hopefully).
Wish me luck.
Either way, it's still better than a sheet with eye-holes cut out.

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  1. oh progress shots - YES. i'm geeked for you - what a FIND!


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