Friday, October 5, 2012

A day in my life. Because you don't look bored enough.

You are about to be so bored.

I'm lame.

But, I'm going to give you one day in my life.

Just so you know. It's going to be a "typical" day...not one filled with therapy or class with the kids.

6:25-6:45- I set my alarm to wake up. If it's at 6:25, I'm showering. If it's later it means I don't care what I smell like, let me sleep!

7 a.m.- Wake up Evan and make sure he gets dressed in the outfit I put out the night before. I see that you noticed how long it takes me to shower. Back off.

7 a.m.- Get myself ready/dressed/maybe brush teeth/toss on some deodorant/blah blah blah

7:15- Make breakfast for Evan and myself. Which means- dump cereal in a bowl, toss milk on top and chow down while he complains that there's not enough marshmallows in his Lucky Charms. Dude...I know.

7:30- Twins have been awake in their cribs for a few minutes, but I let them sit there just so I can enjoy a few minutes of peace before succumbing to the madness that is our day. I set them free, then change them and get them ready for the day.

7:35- Make lunch for Evan and make sure his stuff is ready to go. Then I tell him to brush his teeth again because they still look "crusty".

7:40- Time to get shoes/coats/backpacks/blankies (if there is ever a day we can get into the car without a blankie, take a photo and frame it for me) into the car and get buckled in to drop Evan off at school.

7:45-7:55- Fight through the chaos that is school drop off, curse at the stupid parents, air-high-five the cool ones that can drop off without a 5 minute hug and kiss session and we roll out. Sometimes I get coffee after this, but ever since Starbucks screwed up my order and gave me a White Chocolate Mocha with Pumpkin Spice thrown in, I've been avoiding that joint.

8:00-8:30. I make my smoothie and feed the twins their cereal. They only eat the marshmallows and then their done. Awesome. Now give me some internet time. They play with some toys, fight over some toys or throw random crap down the laundry chute that I will find only after washing and drying it in the laundry.

8:30-9- My coffee now please. The twins are now shoving each other and playing tag up and down the hallway...caffeine is all that can help me now. Sometimes I do the dishes at this point. Sometimes I laugh at the mess and go sit back down hoping that no one comes over to see what a failure I am. I can see food on the floor that I don't even remember feeding the kids.

9-9:30 Little Einsteins is on the TV. Silence. It's so quiet. Now would be a good time to get the laundry done. Or finish reading that really good book. Whatever. The bathrooms have been out of toilet paper for a week...I keep wondering what everyone else is using.

9:30-10. I pretend to do some cleaning now. We turn on some music the kids like...which just happens to be the Polar Express soundtrack. Makes it feel like Christmas while I have Halloween decor up...I'm so confused. We listen to the music and end up having a dance party in the living room for a half hour.

10-11. This is when I either clean or run errands. Depends on the day. Today, we have errands to run. JoAnne fabrics for some Tulle. It's awesome running errands with the twins. They are such a joy. Both have runny noses, bad attitudes and Declan can't hold still. I end up dragging him through the store, while grabbing what I need and watching Morgan grab whatever I put in the car and throw it out so I have to stop, make sure Declan doesn't make a run for it and put it where she can't reach.

11-12. Lunch time and either Caillou or Little Einsteins before naptime. This is when I do a little cleaning as well...depending on how good they are being. Seems that the second I leave the room, Declan pushes his sister down, gets into my cellphone to text someone in Japan or breaks the TV.

12-2. NAPTIME!! For the twins anyway. I can't take naps...I get all cranky. So instead I have my lunch, then I work. Either on my blog, a project, couponing, or whatever I need to get done at this point. Bathrooms are good to clean while the kids are asleep or my bedroom. Something a little more tedious that I don't want the twins to get involved in. Then I will usually get sidetracked and start working on a completely different project that popped into my head while doing the dishes and not get anything done.

2:20- Wake up twins to go pick up Evan from school. Must bribe them with cookies or I'll have to listen to them scream for the next 20 minutes.

2:45-4- Let the kids play outside for awhile so I can prep dinner, finish whatever I was doing earlier or clean again. Always this cleaning thing...does it ever end?

4-5- I'm making dinner. We eat early here. If we don't, the world will come crashing to a halt and meteors will slam into our planet creating chaos and destruction. Well...that's apparently what Declan thinks will happen if you listen to his screams.

5-6- We eat our dinner. Or, Jay and I eat our dinner. Evan complains about how gross it is, what's inside it and why I felt like making something so gross. Declan just wanders around the table, not touching his food. Morgan will eat hers if I coat it in "sauce". Usually ranch, ketchup or BBQ. After 15 minutes we give up, kick them out and clean up.

I get to do the dishes after dinner too? LUCKY GIRL! I love my job...

6-7- I get to clean the living room again? YES!!! Sometimes I also add bath time for the kids here, usually depending on what we had for dinner. Maybe toss in some toenail/fingernail clipping. Awesome. Add some advil or wine and my night is complete.

7-8- Evan has been whining for dessert for over an hour, we finally cave and everyone gets a cookie. Now be quiet! The Sprout channel is on and I can't hear the Goodnight show! I just love that Driver Dan crap.

8 p.m.- BEDTIME for my dear, sweet children! Although, at this point in the evening, they really do resemble, sweet and innocent children. So cuddly in their jammies, this is my favorite time of the day. I love these evening cuddles. We toss them all in bed, cover them with their blankies, shut the doors and *poof* sleepy time. Except for one.

8:10- Evan comes out asking for a drink of water.

8:12- Evan comes out and yells at me for not putting cream on his feet (lotion).

8:15- Evan can't find Buzz Lightyear and needs to turn on the light.

8:17- Evan says his stomach hurts. So I give him Tums and put him back to bed. Jalon tells him if he comes out one more time, duct tape may be involved in keeping him in his bed.

8:20- FINALLY. It's quiet.

8:30- Jay and I have our selected desserts for the evening. Mine, if we have ice cream, that's the clear winner. If not then I may have a cookie or piece of candy. Jalon brings out a bag of candy, 3 cookies, a can of pop, a granola bar that he found in the back of the pantry...he doesn't like to "waste" the food. Now we have to argue over who gets to watch their shows first. He has more than I do to watch and if I have other things to do (read my book, work on a project or coupon) then I let him watch crap like "Alaskan gold mining in the ocean under a thick layer of ice that no human should actually want to do" or "Pawn your crap in this ghetto store so we can see who can insult each other more". Bleh. I watch the classy shows like, Project Runway, Glee and New Girl.

10- lights are usually out for us at this point. If it's a weekend, we may make it to 10:30. But only if we're watching a movie or something is actually on.

Then it's off to bed. We sometimes watch an episode of Friends before actually falling asleep. I need a show to distract me from all the sounds I "think" I hear. This way I can avoid shaking Jalon every 3 minutes with a "did you hear that one? I think you should go check and see what that is." He's not a fan.

So. That's my day. You were excited to hear about it, weren't you? Thursdays and Fridays it's a bit different because we have therapy and a class first thing in the morning for the twins. I bailed on today's class due to the twins and their runny noses. They would be around other children and sharing toys while I chase them with tissues, constantly wiping disease from their faces before they smear it across their cheeks.


Plus, I have lots of cleaning to ignore while I play on the computer.

Hope you all have a GREAT Friday!

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