Monday, October 29, 2012

32 year old Cinderella.

Yeah. I'm 32. What of it.

I'll dress like a darn princess if I want to!

It was awesome.

It's never too late to play dress up. Halloween is the perfect holiday to do it in public.

And it gave me ideas to do future princess dresses. Maybe far, far into the future, but still. Maybe I'll get lucky and find more "prizes" at the thrift store. Hopefully, because I won't be paying full price for them.

As I promised- the pictures/evidence:

Before we left for the party.

I still look a little fluffy in the back. As if I didn't fit. I don't care.
Not giving up my candy.
Even if I have to suffer through a little back fat. 

Posing with Edward. He's our butler.
He's so handsome.

Posing with my husband.
Who cheated by wearing a costume that isn't a costume.
Yeah. I said it.
But it still looks good on him.
Cinderella is shy.
She hides on the couch and tears up in pain when the inside boning metal starts jabbing her in the ribs.

I felt pretty and had such a good time hanging out with friends.
Plus, I won a box of Spooky Pop tarts in the costume contest!
My kids were thrilled!
Some people were asking if I was going to put this on for Halloween to go trick-or-treating with my kids. The answer is...I'm not sure. It took me 2 hours to look like this. And that's with help. I'm not sure I could suffer through the process again just for an hour of candy-hunting. But it was fun to be dressed up and it would be nice to get more use out of the costume.
So maybe.
I just think I'll avoid the fake eyelashes this time. So annoying.
It is fun to play dress up though. Even if it's not just me doing it.
Morgan looks so cute as a Harry Potter:
She's such a nerd.  

But a nerd with a beautiful smile.
And a ladder wand.
Harry Potter must be a popular costume choice this Halloween.
Edward really, really wanted to play dress-up. He spends so much time standing there, holding the tray of candy and scaring the crap out of our kids that he deserves a break and some fun.
And who wouldn't get sick of that worn out, Victorian style gear. Finally, I decided to just give in and let him play along. I tried to get the Cinderella dress on him, but his limbs don't move.

He makes such a good Harry Potter.
Look at that smile!
That hat looks fantastic!
I apparently have too much time on my hands.
I better go get some laundry done now.
Happy Halloween!
But it's not over yet- so stay tuned!
More fun yet to come.


  1. LOVE it! you (and your mum) did a fantastic job! (and shut up about the back fat, you look gorgeous.)


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