Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Monday and I may have the plague.

Ok, not the plague but I do have Bronchitis. And it's my birthday tomorrow.

I get to do exactly what I planned on doing for my birthday- sit around, feeling sorry for myself, sucking down antibiotics, breathing through my nebulizer and crying because I'm coughing so hard.

Please feel free to shower me in corn candy and affection. And socks. Preferably Halloween or Christmas socks.

And on another note, I've decided to say screw it to the 13 days of Halloween. I'm going to post on here, like I usually do, and if I happen to do something cool that day, lucky you.

This may be the hormones/cold talking but I just can't think right now. My brain is in a fog and I just feel so. darn. tired.

And because I have too many hormones racing through my blood stream (don't ask), I've decided I want more kids.

My husband just shuddered or possibly screamed out loud at work. Sorry for that.

But he can breathe a huge sigh of relief, because I can't have any more kids. Ever.

The twins took that away from me. I was going to tie my tubes up anyway, but they destroyed my uterus so bad the doctor said I wouldn't have had a choice. Darn it.

I just want to hold some babies again. Snuggle up with some cuteness and watch those tiny baby smiles flutter across their cheeks. I miss smelling that soft, sweet baby smell and having them fall asleep in my arms.

Evan asked me if he could have a another little sister. *tear* I wish buddy, I wish.

He's been saying some funny things lately. Want me to tell you one? Ok, if you insist...

Me: "Evan, can you please help me clean up?"
Evan: "Mommy, the babies leave their stuff EVERYWHERE! Just like the mailman..."

See. Just can't help loving that kid.

I must have ADD because this post has gone astray. Sorry if your having a hard time keeping up.

I'm pretty sure that's all I have for right now. I do have some crafts to post that I've done for Halloween, but I'll save it for later. It would require me to get off my rear to take photos and that's just not going to happen. It's bad enough I have to head to Target looking the way I do with the twins so I can pick up my prescription.

I'm going to need some candy and caffeine STAT! Is it any wonder I'm having a hard time fitting into my jeans? I reward my good behavior with cookies/candy/ice cream.

Don't forget- it's my birthday tomorrow. I'll be expecting a Harry Potter themed birthday celebration. Better get to work if you want to meet my harsh standards. And yes, pretzel wands are acceptable.

Seriously, I just read through this post and it's a mess, but I just don't have enough energy to fix it. Just roll with it for now and you can call me crazy later.

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