Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What people type into Google that leads them here


How are you?

Strange? Weird? Confused?

All of the above?

I did some digging on my blog and found something funny I wanted to share.

You know when you type weird things into Google and you click on the page that most resembles what you were looking for? That search topic will show up for us to see what lead people to our blogs.

And guess what?

Some of you are a bunch of weirdos.

It's OK. Really. But I have to share some of these. Because they are just too funny. Some are pretty normal, if not a little boring. I didn't post the really boring ones, I'm all about the humor. Either way, super glad you stopped on by!

Here's a list of a few I could find:

1. Cinderella thrift store costume - makes sense and actually applies to my blog. Awesome.

2. Crazy family rule - Not sure I understand what you were looking for in the first place.

3. Crazy weather rants - Really? You searched Google for this? Bored much?

4. How to clean poop off walls - This was searched more than once. I explained once on how NOT to clean poop off of walls. I did not post a tutorial on this subject. I'm surprised at how many people have to deal with this and search Google in hopes to find some miracle to get that poop off the wall. Good luck. You can read my blog post and watch me ruin a perfectly good wall by scrubbing the crap (get it? I crack myself up) out of it.

5. Craigslist donut robot - you actually buy one of these, I demand you share the goods. Not sure why you just didn't hit up Craigslist.org. Try that out next time.

6. Belly roll girl - Now I want to Google this, just to see what comes up. I'm confused. I seriously hope I did not post any pictures of me doing anything that sounds like this.

7. In his undies - can't remember any blog posts on this subject...not sure what lead you here. Or why you are searching Google on this subject in the first place.

8. Sluts dressed in naughty school girl - yes. This makes perfect sense, considering I run a porn blog. I get that my blog may have popped up since I posted about slutty Halloween costumes. But after seeing a list of websites in Google, how did clicking my blog seem like the best option? Maybe it's not as dirty as my mind is making it out to be. Maybe it was someone looking for humor? Either way, funny stuff.

See what I mean?

Don't get me wrong, glad you stopped by for a visit. I hope you enjoyed your stay and will come back to read more wacky posts that I might put up in the future.

And please, keep typing good stuff into Google. I need a giggle.

P.S. Halloween is tomorrow! Did you know? Did you forget? I'm so disappointed in you! There will be tons of adorable little kiddos coming to my door and I'm so EXCITED to hand out candy. Then I get to search through my sons bag of candy after he goes to bed in hopes that I will discover many delicious treasures that I'm sure he won't miss. Woo-hoo! I'm holding a pumpkin carving contest tonight. I'll post pics tomorrow. Have a good one!

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