Friday, October 26, 2012

Time to's been way to long again!

That's how it works when you have kids. They run a fever one day and the next you're up all night because they have Croup. Ick.

So it's been awhile. But I'm here now! That's what counts, right?

I have a TON to tell you...I hope you have coffee, because this will take awhile. 

A few weeks ago, my Mom held a craft night.
My sister was there and did a small Halloween craft house.
I went and worked on my tulle lights that I found on Pinterest.
(p.s. Tulle lights= worst waste of time ever!)
And my Mom made some pillows for my sister.
Then my sister had an idea to dig up a dollhouse that has been buried in my parents basement since 1992. "Some" assembly required.
And by "some", I mean "box full of microscopic pieces."
The box should have said "Good luck, you'll never get this shit together. But please take pictures so we can laugh about it."
This was the house. So pretty and looks so simple!

Holy crap. What are all those boards for? Oh..those are the tiny pieces you punch out...sounds time consuming and kind of like torture.

What is more scary, the boards or the fact that they need a warmup sheet for the instructions?
I like how it states in big letters "DON'T PANIC".
Should have printed that on the box.
I'm past panic now. 

And it came with a bag of cocaine.
Or stucco powder.
Either way, I quit.
Back in the box it goes.
See you in another 20 years.
My costume is finished.
For the most part.
I still have to put it on and make sure it stays on for a few hours.
I'm thinking of gluing it to my body.
Or staples might help.
My Mom can work miracles with fabric.
She took the dress home with her, added the extra bits and fixed the back so I could wear it.
Don't believe me?
Just look for yourself- 

The dress front. Looks like Cinderella, right?
It better.
There really isn't another option.
I added the sleeves, so those will more than likely fail.

Dress won't zip? Add some grommets, ribbon and call it good.
It's a little snug still.
I won't be breathing that night anyway.

I tried to find glass slippers, but they cost $30 and I was trying to keep the costume under $40.
So my husband found these uglies at the thrift store and I decided to coat them with glitter.
Best idea ever?

Not even a little.
Clumps of glitter everywhere.
Use something else.
Anything else, if you plan on attempting this.
It will be fuzzy slippers for me.
The rest of my costume.
Gloves, gold hair spray, a blue bracelet I just happened to have.
Extra blue fabric to cover a headband I have.
The bracelet was purchased from my parents years ago.
I love antique jewelery.
Now I actually have a reason to wear it.
The party is on Saturday.
Wish me luck.
Whew...tired yet?
Good...I have lots more to tell you!
I decorated my house for Halloween.
It's a little overdone, but I have fun with it.
I even have decor from the 70's when my parents had a Halloween party.
They are my favorite.
A quick view of the stupid tulle lights.
Never again.

Our butler. He is "hiding" because he scares the kids. But he's heavy.
We brought him out for the party last night, but my husband can't take him down until later today.
Even though he's holding a platter of candy within reach, I have no worries.
Although, Declan has been calling him "papa".
Papa = Grandpa.
It's so cute.
This is my dining room table decor. I liked it but I'll have to remove it now.
The kids want to color on it.
The menu won't be as scary with cute scribbles on it.

A close up of the pain-in-the-tush tulle lights.
This took 10 yards of tulle and I only made it halfway.
I doubled the strand so I wouldn't have to go as far.
If you do this, get LOTS of tulle and a very short strand of lights.
Or be prepared for a month of work that will just piss you off every time you look at them.

My Halloween quilt.
My Mom made this for me for my birthday.
I told you about her abilities with fabric.
She's amazing and I'm a VERY LUCKY daughter.
I had a birthday.
I turned 32, reluctantly.
But it was a good one!
I even have proof!
Despite the look on my face, I was not drinking.
My husband took the picture.
That should explain everything.

I'm singing Happy Birthday to myself. The kids are just waiting for me to cut the cake already.

Yes. I'm hot.
But taken.
Even my poor Evan looks frightened.
Am I even on 5? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to scroll back to check.
I've been making signs and stuff.
My sweet husband has been selling them for me on Craigslist.
I made $45 already!
Coffee anyone?
Here's my current one I'm trying to finish:
I like it so much, I'm not 100% sure I'm going to be able to part with it.
Since there were pictures of my boys up above,
I decided to add a couple of my girl.
She likes the camera.
A lot.
I know, I know. A Santa shirt in October.
Get over it.
Plus, look at that smile.
Just don't look at that hair. Oofta.

I love this face.
Ok. I'm done updating.
I'm pretty sure I've covered it all.
I hate it when kids get sick.
I get very spacey and forget everything, just so I can focus on surviving.
I even forgot to send my son's homework in with him today. :/
I have more parties coming.
I'll take more photos and let you know how the dress holds up.
Happy Halloween!


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  1. Really Danielle your last post was 18 Oct, you really think your being a smart @$$ when you say that we are all just sitting here waiting for your next post, well Im not just sitting waiting but I do look forward to reading your posts a couple days a week and you have had nothing! Kids sick nice excuse, lol my kids have been sick too, didnt stop me from looking every day to see if you have posted, hahaha!

    Hope the kiddos are feeling better, unfortunately mine are still on the mend but we will get there.

    Your costume looks amazing I really cant wait to see your final all put together picture. I am a bit jealous I would not have been able to do that, I am crafty but not so much when it comes to costumes, I wear scrubs to work so I have decided to go buy bright orange ones and spray paint county jail and a number on the back, and well that is as creative as I get.....

    Have fun with the parties, your posts I will look forward to seeing...


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