Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sickness and Help.

So we have the sickness.

It's settled into our chests like a phlegmy cough and filled up our sinuses which have been draining into ear drums. Evan has pink eye and a double ear infection. Declan has developed a cough that rivals pneumonia and I had a fever and now a cough. Loving it!

Morgan and Jalon have been untouched ( so far) but it's like a zombie virus...we will get you. Eventually.

I've decided that today is lock down day.

We keep everyone else from coming here, drug ourselves and watch movies all day. And I'll spray Lysol every 30 minutes coating the house in it's bacteria-killing film.

Jalon says that the Lysol smells like a hospital mixed with death. That's still better than what our house used to smell like.

It's a perfect day for a lock down too. Chilly, 54 degrees as our high, seriously windy and cloudy. We picked a good day to be sick. And maybe a hot bowl of chili is on the menu for tonight's dinner. Yum. The kids will hate me, but I don't really care.

So, anyway, I do have something else to write about.

I've been noticing a lot of blogs doing a "31 days of" and I really wanted to participate. I thought about 31 days of Pinterest or 31 days of writing, but I can't really commit to something so tough right now. We are drowning in illness and the idea of taking on a giant project every day sounds daunting.

Maybe I can try a week instead. I lame. I'm sorry. I really need to shake this crud and sell some finished projects.

I do like the idea of Pinterest though. There's so much I want to try, but realistically, Pinterest consumes a lot of time per craft.

I know, they make it look so easy, "I'm the put together Mom. I can craft, make my husband happy, take care of my kids, make a dinner and keep the house clean all at once." Then reality sets in and you have to pick one out of that list or you will be committed to the crazy hut before the day is done.

But if I commit to one craft a day for a week, it seems a little bit more feasible. Or maybe I'll do a "13 days of Halloween" and for 13 days craft a Halloween project I've been wanting to do.

Do you have any other ideas? Maybe suggestions that I could do instead? Help is always needed.

Except yours Jalon. =)

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