Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anyone order an extra slutty Halloween?

Halloween is one of my favorites.

If you've ever read this blog, you would already know that little tidbit.

It's all about candy, fun decorations and awesome costumes. Notice the word awesome- not slutty, skimpy or non-existent.

My husband wants to go to a Halloween party this year and I'm scared.


Maybe it's because I've given birth to 3 children, I'm 32 years old and most of the costumes I get to choose from resemble this:

Army girl? I get a weapon right? If it comes with the boobs, I'm in! Or those boots. I bet I could wear those again, all year round. They would pair nicely with my daily sweatpants and stained t-shirt.

This is Princess Leia from Star Wars. I could only do Star Wars if I was Darth Vader.
This shows WAY too much skin.
Why even put clothes on? Just spray paint your undies and save yourself $50.
Although, I guess if my tummy looked like that, I would grease it up and waltz it around just as she did.

Naughty school girl.
Yes. They still make this one.
It's a bestseller.
Kill me.
Not only do I NOT want to wear those costumes, but I'm scared for my daughter. Is that what she has to look forward too? Grrrrreeeat.
If I choose not to wear the "slutty" version, they do make "normal" versions for us "weirdos".
Yes, this is an option. It's so "cute". Just what I wanted to be at 32 years old.

I actually like this one. My only issue is that it costs quite a bit. And yes, $54 is quite a bit in my book. But if I can talk my husband into spending $100 for one night, maybe he'll get the matching Men's costume.

This costume would hide EVERYTHING. But does it need to be so ugly? Sorry if this offends you...just not my idea of a good costume.
What makes a good costume?
Maybe one that doesn't turn me into a slut. Maybe one that you don't have to read the package to see what it is because there is so little of it that you can't tell just by looking.
I've seen pictures of people at Halloween costumes and half the fun is just trying to guess what each girl came as. It's as if there's a competition on who can out-slut everyone else.
I just want a good costume that fits without showing my baby flab, that people won't look at and say "who are you trying to be?" and didn't cost an arm and a leg.
Any ideas?
Sheet with eyeholes it is.


  1. i've discovered piecing together stuff from thrifties or amazon works much better to dial down the slut factor (but I def. spend more than 54 bucks for this one night...)
    Also this site: will let you search for a costume and then it picks the most cost effective place for you to buy from.

    And lastly - having worked at a college for 9+ years, I've seen some good doozies. My favorites were the girls who went out as "Jello Shots." costume consisted of these girls buying rolls of colored seran wrap- each girl wrapped themselves in a different color like a tube dress. And that was it. When I say that was it, I mean, no undies no nothing, just flimsy layers of see-through plastic. But better than that even, was when one of them bit it on the sidewalk, took the other three down with her, and then they discovered that they wrapped themselves so tightly that they couldn't get up. So then instead of jello shots they became "stuck on their backs 'sexy' turtles"

    Their mothers must have be so proud.

    1. I can't even imagine the sweating that must have happened underneath all that plastic. That would have been hilarious to see them fall.

      I'm thinking of doing some secondhand shopping tonight to see what I can come up with. It's time to get creative! Thanks for the link- I may end up needing that. =)


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