Friday, May 4, 2012

Ode to the Ice Cream Man

Summer is approaching, as witnessed by this beautiful day today. I could not help but remember my own childhood and how much I looked forward to days like this. Days when it was warm and the Ice Cream Man would deliver his frozen bounty to kids all around. I've seen him around, just not around here. I must live in the "uncool" part of town. Here's to you, Mr. Ice Cream Dude.:

The cold, sweet taste of a colorful Bomb pop
turns my frozen tongue a bright red and blue.
It's dripping down my hands, but I can't seem to stop,
and I don't think I ever want to.

You are the hero of a hot summer,
driving cool treats all around.
Except, it's a bit of a bummer
when you don't visit my ghetto part of town.

I've been craving those delicious ice cream treats
for some time now, just about all year.
If I don't see you soon, sweating in this heat,
you will have a crazy woman with a bat to fear.

Bring out those snocones, push pops and sundae cones,
and I may just forgive you this time.
Please drive your ass over here, right to my home,
So I can clean out some piggy banks of every nickel and dime.

You are the best, Mr. Ice Cream Man,
But don't piss off this psycho Mother of three.
I will hunt you down, I'm your biggest fan,
Until I get my ice cream, you won't be free of me!

It's just not summer without that sweet truck jingle,
you wonderful, delightful, Ice Cream dude.
Get over here for a neighborhood mingle,
Before I start to get rude.

This was created because I adore you dude
and all the ice cream treats that you keep cool.
This "Ode" may be filled with my attitude,
but it's my poem, my blog and "I can do what I want" rule.

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