Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sorry this post sucks!

Just so you know...I'm sorry for this.

When spiders attack for no reason,
I will scream and accuse of treason.

We have an agreement, those spiders and I
If they remain outside, I will let them bide.

I had one drop in my face and scare me,
And cause me to scream like a crazy banshee.

I was embarrassed and felt terrible for the shout
The Starbucks lady is now deaf and will not help out.

I just wanted some ice cold coffee to go
The spider ruined my chance with his show.

So I smashed his ass as quick as I could with a shoe
What else could a scardy-cat, trapped in a car, do?

But I finally got my coffee today and a caffeine buzz to boot
So the spider didn't ruin my day, but his day has gone kaput.

My dishes were dirty as could be
I thought my day was spent
I wanted to cry and throw them away
But in the dishwasher they went.

I crammed that puppy full as I could
It took some skill and a little talent
I'm the best washer in the hood
Just me, the dishes and a large mallet.

I don't like to wash by hand
I try my hardest to make it all fit
So I stuff my washer as full as I can
All is good, as long as I don't break it.

Sippy cups, plates and silver wear all around
It was a challenge to fit all that crap inside
I think I hear a weird cracking sound
Oops! Some broken dishes might need to hide.

I have writers block
And it feels like a large headache
I may have to go for a walk
So my brain will feel more awake

I'm stuck writing all these stupid rhymes
When I want to write something smart
This happens to me all the time
My brain has one large, constant fart.

I can't believe your still reading this crap
I should probably stop this here
Maybe I should quit and take a nap
Don't worry, it's done, have no fear.

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