Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy day in list form's weird. But it's me. Which means it's a little crazy and all over the place.

 I was having a snack the other day with the kids...I love those cheesy Goldfish crackers.
An hour later was wondering why my boob was a little itchy.
Found a Goldfish attached to it, hiding in my bra.
 It tasted just fine.

 Ever have an argument in your head?
 I read something the other day and my thought was "What would I say if Jay ever did that to me?" Then the argument in my head started.
I totally won by the way.
 But then, I was also angry at him for awhile.
No wonder he kept looking at me like I was completely nuts.

We had our first ant infestation today.
It wasn't as bad as I was predicting, because it happens every year.
I know...don't let the kids eat in the living room. Blah blah blah...
Shut up.
I dug out a flashlight, my spray (all I could find was lysol) and vacuum.
My flashlight sucks. Every time I went hunting, it flickered and died.
I kept smacking it, thinking that would help.
Probably would, if I wouldn't smack it on my face next time.
But, I sucked all the ants up and we are "clean" again.
(I mean "clean" because I don't really feel clean after finding itty-bitty ants in my house. I feel like I have the creepy crawlies as if they are walking up and down my back.)

I took the twins on a bike ride.
It's a beautiful spring day full of lilacs, sunshine and tiny cotton thingies that float around.
I am a mouth breather on my bike rides.
I inhaled an enormous amount of cotton thingies, enough to make a bag of cotton balls.
Need a q-tip?
Give me a week and I'll probably produce a full box.
(Was that taking it too far? Did I gross you out? Good...)

Now listen up.
I went shopping yesterday for a purse. I'm a weirdo and needed something specific.
I walked into the BEST store ever. No seriously...the BEST.
It's called Charming Charlies. It's in Woodbury Lakes.
I'm in love.
When I first walked in, I almost ran back out. It's a bit of a sensory overload.
BUT, I sucked it up, because I was on a mission for THE purse.
And boy, did they deliver!
Everything was color was an OCD dream!
I spent a half-hour walking around in a girly-daze of amazement.
I'm not a girly-girl, but WOW, it was awesome!
It smelled like heaven, sparkled like a million stars on a clear night and had purses all over!
PLUS, jewelery of all kinds, headbands that will make you swoon (and swoon you will!) even clothing that made me believe that I could be a girly-girl.
I've never worn tops like that before, but maybe now I can!
I shopped my little heart out and only spent $50!
I bought a purse, a headband with a beautiful flower on it and an awesome star bracelet.
Did I mention that I'm in love?
Charming Charlies
you have my heart.
(Jalon, the credit card and I need some time alone next weekend...)


  1. I've been told Charming Charlies is great but I have never found it. Where is it?

  2. It's in Woodbury Lakes Mall area. Towards the end of the strip on the left hand side. I dream of going there was pretty.


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