Monday, May 21, 2012

Dating your Husband-is this a joke?

I found an article that made me laugh and I had to question slightly. I know I should take this seriously and make an attempt to make my husband happy, but I'm pretty sure he would have some giggles at this as well. I think that we are pretty normal people, but some of these seem crazy to me.

I put in the link since I didn't copy the entire article. It's not a bad read, just a little unrealistic for us. I made some comments in pink.

Ten Date Night Ideas:

1. Around the World in 7 days: Cook a different type of cuisine from a different part of the world for 7 days. Mexican, Italian, Indian, Jamaican, the list goes on. Add in some music and decorations, and you and your hubby can take a mini vacation right in the comfort of your own home. This sounds like it would cause some serious gastric issues. No one wants to add gas/diarrhea to date night. My husband and I both have slightly sensitive bowels, I don't think adding unique food choices will help us out. Unless sitting on the two toilets we have, while chatting between the air vent, is your idea of romance...

2. Read love poems to each other If I even suggest this idea, I'm pretty sure we will both gag a little. Maybe we just aren't your typical romantic couple.

3. Workout together (and don’t forget to shower together too!) Yeah. OK. We take family bike rides together. With 1 chatty 5 year old and two very crabby 2 year old kids. I don't find sweating together (in this fashion) at all romantic.

4. Go on a picnic in your bedroom: put the kids down early if you have to, spread a blanket, pack some sandwiches and enjoy! How big is your bedroom? Also, Jalon freaks out when I bring Cheetos to bed (and yes, I have done this) so I don't think he would find this romantic at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure our conversation would revolve around an ant infestation due to all the crumbs I create while eating.

5. Gaze at the stars. Pass. I think we would both end up snoring outside and get nothing accomplished by this.

6. Go Dancing--find a Latin restaurant that offers free Salsa lessons or turn on your favorite music and slow dance in your living room. My dancing skills are limited. BUT if you have seen my husband dance to Vanilla Ice you would know that there's NO WAY that this can ever happen. NO WAY. I like my limbs attached to my body.

7. Take a bath together (be sure to light some candles, play some music and have some great aromatherapy lotions and potions) Our bathtub can hardly fit one of us. We are slightly larger people, but our bathtub is VERY small...I may be bad at math, but I can tell you that this is NOT a good idea. Or it would be incredibly uncomfortable and in order for romance to occur, I need to be comfortable.

8. Park the Car—you know the rest! Did you not just see what I posted above about comfort? My car is crammed with car seats, a dollhouse, a stroller, food crumbs and old receipts. His truck has car seats and a rough, bumpy bed. Not happening. Seriously, who are these people?

9. Recreate your first date HAHAH only Jalon and I can laugh at this one. I'm NOT getting into details. Hilarious though. Sorry. Maybe if your a "normal" couple, this would be cute.

10. Go to Prom: get dressed up, go to a nice restaurant, and then finish the night off in the back seat of the car! Oh my god. He would kill me for this. And the car thing again? But this time in a dress? Yeah...not happening.

OK, so that's about it. Sorry I'm such a downer when it comes to these things, but it just doesn't seem practical for us. We do have our own way of dating and making things work. There are a million ideas out there for couples to find time and "date" but honestly, make it what you like.

Here are our ideas for a date night, this is just coming from what we have done before:

1. Get Dairy Queen. Seriously...that's it.

2. Head to a movie. Woo-hoo! 2 whole hours of peace and quiet with pretzel bites? Count me in!

3. Red Lobster. Can you say cheese biscuits?

4. Head to Sams Club. Shopping for gigantic food items without kids? Best date idea ever! Spend lots of time in the forbidden candy aisle.

5. Play cards. I love kicking some butt at 3-13, but he can always win at Cribbage. Competition puts us both on edge which can only add to the romance.

6. Watch Veronica Mars. We both love this show, so it works out. If you add candy, it makes it even better.

7. Stop by Redbox and pick up a random flick. When you put the movie in the DVD player, that makes it a date.

8. Anytime you do anything that does not involve bringing the kids along, that is a date night or day. I think the last time we were alone together, it involved an appointment of some kind. But it counts.

9. Go to garage sales together. I love this idea. It's so much fun to buy other peoples crap for cheap!

10. Make a special dinner that your kids won't eat, add some brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce, and finish it off with your favorite show. Best date ever.

Notice that almost all my dates involve food.

That's just how I roll.

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