Sunday, June 17, 2012

Super Awesome Vacation is over...=(

Today was our last day and then we drove home. I said Good-bye to beautiful Lake Superior and cried a tiny tear when it was out of sight.
We talked about moving there, for about half a second, but realized that living without a Target or a real grocery store for that long was not an option. Jalon tells me that I would get sick of all the "alone" time but he doesn't understand the social anxiety I have and how I cherish alone time. I would love to not have to see my neighbors all the time or tell them to turn down their music at night because it's keeping up our kids. (Yes...just happened 5 minutes ago.)
There was so much hiking these past few days. We climbed over 600 stairs. I never want to see stairs again...ever. Jalon will have to carry me from now on.

I can't even count the miles we've walked. But it's been wonderful. Phenomenal. Apparently I say that word too much. But I think it's good sign that I'm having a good time. Or eating good food. We ate so much food.

Subject change- keep up!

I ate my weight in pasta and desserts. Delicious..all of it. I don't regret one single bite.

One of our meals took place at a restaurant inside our hotel. The website described it as:

   "Imagine an intimate dining space with sweeping views of Lake Superior and the famous point from which Cove Point Lodge got its name. Add to the views a dining room with many accents of pine and cedar, tables covered with crisp white linen tablecloths, candles, a wine list and menu designed to satisfy your North Shore Experience."

When I read this, I decided to pack a nice, light, summer dress. I showered for this "special" occasion. I even put on deodorant and curled my hair. Spritz on some perfume and slap on some mascara. Done and done.

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that I was severely overdressed and stuck out like a sore thumb.

There were white linen tablecloths, but apparently, I'm the only one that considers that to be a little more nice than, say, Applebees? I cannot believe what people thought was proper fine dining attire.

One woman thought it was a good time to brush her hair at her table, while her family continued to eat...without their shoes.

Another couple came in right off the hiking trail. Boots, sweat, dust and all. The waitress thought we were all together...thanks a lot. I actually showered today, so no, we are not together. The smell, this time, isn't coming from me.

I'm confused. But I was the one that got the snide remarks and weird looks all night. Awesome.

The snide remarks came from our hunt for dessert right after our fancy dinner. We didn't want an expensive dessert, just a shake (the kind with Ice Cream). But after 8 p.m. the town shuts down for the night. We tried the "casual" lodge dining area and she snidely remarked that I was probably in the wrong area and I must be looking for the fancy lodge restaurant that I had just left. I wanted to clobber her for the look up and down she gave me while saying that.

Seriously? Back here, in the cities, that dress is almost too casual for some events. But up here I'm too dressed up for a fine dining meal? Color me pissed off.

We Googled some crap and found one pizza place that had Ice Cream and rolled out there instead. (Delicious, by the way!) Our entertainment during our shake dessert, came from watching a kid try to pop balloons with his parents car door. It was highly entertaining because he didn't figure out that the breeze that comes from slamming the door was causing his balloon to move and not pop for about 10 minutes. Then he finally figured it out and I felt like cheering for him. Maybe I do belong there after all?

Our vacation was fantastic and I cannot wait to head up there again. Grand Marais was probably my favorite out of all the places we went to. I did get to see some awesome waterfalls and actually ran into my cousin John at one of them. That was a huge, wonderful surprise! It's funny who you will see when you least expect it. Although, he does live there, so I probably shouldn't be too surprised. I was considering not posting my pictures because his photos, in comparison, will beat mine out. He is a great photographer and has a good eye for pictures...a seriously good eye for pictures. Mine are crappy photos taken from a camera that I just purchased and have no idea how to use. Blah. I do not have a good eye for pictures. I just take what looks "pretty".

Vacations are so wonderful. I hope it won't be 8 years until our next one.

Won't be holding my breath though.

Here are a few photos from today just for fun:

Last waterfall. Part of Gooseberry Falls from the top on our way out.

A very weird least I think it's a Ladybug?

I tried again. I suck. Been trying to mess with focusing on the rocks with the lake in the background. Macro, shadows, sunlight...I'm so confused. Help?

Well, that's it.
Back to real life tomorrow.
Not sure I'm 100% ready for it, but it will smack me in the face at 7 a.m.


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