Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Thoughts


My husband and I decided to finish up our Veronica Mars shows that we had saved last night. We were so caught up in the show that we forgot to discuss our extremely busy schedule this week. There was a TON of crap that needed to be hashed out and put down on paper because if we try to "save" it in our brain, we're screwed.

The second we get to bed, close our eyes, my brain is in overdrive and I can't think of anything else. While his can apparently shut down without a second thought and I'm pretty sure he was snoring before I even hit the pillow. But it's bothering me, so I decide to talk to him about it. He then tells me politely to shut up and go to sleep. Grrr....

Then, because my brain is wired and I'm all anxious and hyped up over what I can't forget, I start hyperventilating at every single noise I hear.

I feel that this is normal "Mom" behavior. It's either a child or we're under attack. There is no other explanation. Either way, I have to prepare for Battle.

Jalon: "You are so sketchy right now that your freaking me out."
Me: "I'm just really alert. I can't stop hearing noises."
Jalon: "Well, don't get up an investigate or anything."
Me: "Seriously? Are you trying to get me killed? I don't investigate noises. I'm not stupid."
Jalon: "No...but you are crazy. It's a good thing you don't do drugs, you would be in a padded room."
Me: "This is perfectly normal. I can't stop hearing crap. What is all that noise?"
Jalon: "The neighbors just came home. Chill out."
Me: "How many times do they need to open and close their car doors? Someone has a bad case of OCD over there. It's killing me. Do you hear a kid? I could have sworn I heard Declan cry out. It had to be him because Evan would have come in here and Morgan would have kept crying. What do you think?"
Jalon: "I'm locking you up."
Me: "Fine...I quit. But when we're attacked, I get to say I told you so."


My husband took my car today. Something about changing oil. Whatever.
I had to drop Evan off at school in the truck.
Jalon has terrible taste in music and when I started the truck this morning I heard crazy rap music shoot out at a blaring decibel.
I have no ear drums left.
THEN I get to see Declan dancing so hard he about fell out of his seat belt and Morgan laughing.
Evan was rocking the air guitar.
I don't know if that's allowed when listening to rap, but he was going to town, so I left him to it.
He has a pretty awesome air guitar.
Wish I knew who he learned that from.


I just saw someone drive backwards down the street.
The entire street.
I wish I knew why.
I wish I had a bigger window.
It's much easier to watch my neighbors if I have more glass to see out of.
I know when my neighbors work or don't work.
When they have company over and a party I wasn't invited to.
Is that why they have more trash than the Dugger Family does?
Never seen that much garbage come out of a house weird.
It may sound like I'm the creepy neighbor that snoops around where she shouldn't.
BUT in reality, I'm the neighborhood watchwoman.
That's right.
One day, these people may THANK me for my vigilance and determination.
Just you wait.
I may or may not need a hobby.


  1. We have a self proclaimed neighborhood watch lady like you. She came and said hello when we first moved in, and then hasn't said a word since really. Recently, since I've had my foot and ankle injury, and my wife is about to pop, we let our lawn go a couple extra weeks without mowing/maintenance. Maybe she knows to not complain about the lawn because she's been watching us. But I got so self defensive, that I had a whole speech worked up if a neighbor came over and complained. Basically, it was about how if she was so neighborly to notice that our lawn was out of hand, she should have noticed me hobbling out to the mailbox or my wife waddling around her car. No one did though, and now we're sort of back on top of things, even though our front flower garden severely needs to be weeded...

    I know this has very little to do with your post, but it felt like the right place to vent!

  2. I'm surprised that no one came over to offer a hand. Geez...people these days. I have the worst landscaping in our front yard. It's so overgrown that we just look at it and laugh.

    Go ahead and vent. I love vents. If you haven't noticed already by half the posts I create...

    1. Danielle, you come by these "gifts" genetically. When Grandpa and Grandma retired, they used to sit in the kitchen window and watch their neighbors...everyday, all day. The knew every coming and going of everyone. They did not know the names, but they knew EVERYTHING each one of the neighbors did. Good observation skills will probably serve you well as a writer.

    2. when I was out over Memorial day, our next door neighbor saw me and asked how things were, and then she said if we ever needed help, just to ask. I hate asking for help though.


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