Sunday, June 10, 2012

My 10 on 10

Decided to give this a shot because I've seen it in the "blogger" world and just wanted to see how interesting/boring I am. 10 hours of my life on the 10th that happened to include a birthday party for my twins Declan and Morgan. Good luck ya'll.

8 a.m. breakfast. I ate the smoothie on the side.

9 a.m. Iced Coffee. Lots of chocolate syrup. Yum.
Also at 9 was a baby that would NOT STOP whining at me! Plus a very messy playroom...
This is why I had a whiny baby. Piles of dishes to do.
10 a.m. 4 batches of pizza dough. All rising for some Grilled Pizzas.
11 a.m. Lunchtime! Hungry boys and a girl that did not want to come in and eat.

12 p.m. Birthday decorations! So festive...and now annoying.
1 p.m. pizza crust from my own two hands! I made 12 crusts. For 8 people. Go me.

2 p.m. *sigh* More dishes...they reproduce like rabbits. Or like the Duggars..haha. That was awful...sorry.
3 p.m. My pizza. BBQ chicken with red onion and cilantro. Best pizza ever!

4 p.m. ANOTHER MESS?!?! Seriously!?! You have to be kidding me...I quit. Oh wait..I can't quit?

5 p.m. Birthday song for the twins. Boo on Caillou, but a big YEA! for making my kids smile.
And thank you for giving them a fluffy belly and more energy than they know what to do with.

I'm beat.
Time to go.
Sorry if this is a bit boring...welcome to my world.


  1. I loved it! It was great... not at all boring. To me sounds just right :) Thanks for being able to look into your world. ~Diana

  2. I spent almost the entire day in the kitchen making food and I noticed I drink out of a gigantic cup most of the day. Nice. You never really "see" your life until you take pictures of it.


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